Systematic economic and organizational training of engineers in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute began seventy years ago, in 1937, when it was established by the Department of Production and Industrial Economics. The implementation of the economic and organizational training of engineers clearly divided into four stages.

The first phase (1937-1950) characterized by teaching short courses of organizational and economic subjects (20-30 hours) mainly by part-time lecturers. First head of the department was Associate Professor I. Rosenberg. After the war department was headed by Associate Professor E. Balakin.

The second phase (1950-1970) was associated with the active work of the ex-chief engineer of the Kiev machine factory, associate professor and professor, Economics PhD M. Lych. That time coincided with arriving of young energetic full-time teachers. After that they formed five branch sections. Guide sections were provided by qualified teachers, who had been on the leading positions in industries before. At that time, the transition to the separation of teaching “Sector economics” and “Organization, planning and venture management” happened. Therefore methodological support was formed.

The third phase (1970-1992) can be regarded as an intensification of the Department work in all directions: increasing the number and qualifications of teaching staff; implementation of continuous economic and organizational training of future engineers; organisation of economic education for cadre of Kiev industry region; preparation and publication of monographs, textbooks, and teaching aids; development of academic and international relations. During this period, the department heads were Professor M. Leach (1970-1976), Associate Professor A. Rozenplenter (1976-1988), Associate Professor V. Shudra (1988-1992).

The fourth stage (from 1992) is associated with the creation and operation of the Management and Marketing Faculty. At the beginning of 1992 the Department “Economics and organization of engineering production” was established. This department provides economic and organizational training for students of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, welding, instrument-making faculties and the Faculty of Chemical Engineering until today. Since 2000 Department also serves Physics and Mathematics faculty and telecommunication systems partly. The department provides education process in engineering faculties of two basic subjects of economic theory and economics and industrial engineering currently. Also department provides such subjects as: economics of industry; organization of production management; Economics welding production; economy reducing production; organization, management and designing welding production; management of telecommunications systems.

In 2002 department received a license for training in the specialty “International Economy” and was renamed as the Department of International Economy. Now the department trains bachelors and masters of the specified specialty.

From 1998 to 2009 the department was headed by Doctor of Economics, professor V. Gerasymchuk.