Department of Management of Enterprises (KME), FMM

Department of Management of Enterprises (KME), Faculty of Management and Marketing, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Address: AB # 1, Peremohy avenue, 37, room 246, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: 204-80-51,
E-mail: kafmen(at)
Acting Head: Professor, Doctor of Economics Victoria Dergacheva

The Department of Management was founded in 1988, became the first in Ukraine to train managers of production and project areas.

The main aim of the department is to prepare highly qualified specialists in management; to foster mastery of knowledge and skills related to the creation and dissemination of competitive products and services. The department offers an enjoyable teaching-learning environment, which has been made possible by the existence of some unique physical and related facilities.

The Department of Management to prepare specialists of 07 “Management and Administration” the specialty of 073 “Management” of the next education programs: “Management and Business Administration”, “International Business Management”, “Investment and Innovation Management”, “Logistics”, “Media Management and Administration in the field of publishing and printing”, “Management”

Qualification of graduates:

  • Bachelor of Management;
  • Master of Management;
  • PhD in Management.

Profile subjects: fundamentals of management; time management; economy of the enterprise; economic analysis; quality management; brand management; operational management; eco-management; logistics; risk management; business process management; project management; strategic management; event management; industrial enterprise innovation; competitiveness in innovation; financial management; international business management; international management; creative management; logistical support of innovative activity; patent science and intellectual property; management of venture business; logistics management; supply chain management; logistics services; international logistics, managing startup projects.

The course is taught in the following languages: Ukrainian and English.The course is taught in the following languages: Ukrainian and English.The department of Managment has established international cooperation with leading universities from different countries of the world, in particular: USA, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Sweden, Israel, Poland, Turkey, Luxembourg, China, Germany, Belarus and others.

More than 300 specialists have been trained for countries: Poland, France, Algeria, China, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Tajikistan, Peru, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan.

International programs and projects:

  • Erasmus + (EU countries);
  • Mevlana (Turkey);
  • Joint project supported by the ERASMUS + EC Jean Monnet Fund European Business Models: Transformation, Harmonization and Implementation in Ukraine;
  • International project jointly with China “Digital management of industrial quasi-integration structures”;
  • Projects with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine “Policy of “economic breakthrough ”: world experience”, “Industrial policies: goals, mechanisms, tools and results”, “Forecast of world long-term development trends with horizon of 10, 20 and 30 years”.

Research student groups: “Human Resource Management”, “International Business”, “Logistic Management”, “Marketing of Innovations”. There is working a Management Research Laboratory and a Financial Market Analysis Laboratory. Our graduates are working in variety of following positions: heads of all levels of management of production, logistic, economic, marketing, personnel and other functional divisions of the enterprises, organizers of small and medium-sized business, consultants on information, logistical support, and management of personnel development.