Faculty of Management and Marketing

Dean: Prof. Kravchenko Marina Olehivna
Address: Room 237, Building 1, 37, Avenue Beresteiskyi, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
Telephone: 204-98-66, 204-98-67
e-mail: fmm[at]kpi.ua
Faculty day: March 31

Departments of Faculty of Management and Marketing

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In order to deepen the economic component of engineering training, as well as taking into account the needs of the national economy of Ukraine in qualified management, March 31, 1992 at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was opened Faculty of Management and Marketing (FMM).

This decision was facilitated by many years of experience in organizational and economic training of students, the significant creative potential of the university departments of economics.

It included three profile departments – management, industrial marketing, mathematical modeling of economic systems.

During 1992–2002, the FMM was headed by its founder, Ph.D. Ph.D., Professor, Honored Worker of Public Education of Ukraine, Academician of AIN Viktor Nemtsov.

From 2002 to 2007 the dean was Doctor of Economics, Professor Vasyl Gerasymchuk.

From 2007 to June 2021, the faculty was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine Oleh Havrysh.

From June 2021 to the present, the faculty is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Maryna Kravchenko.


Today FMM is one of the most prestigious faculties of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, known in Ukraine and far beyond.

It trains specialists in economics, marketing, management at all levels of higher education: bachelors, masters, and doctors of philosophy in ten educational programs.

Training is carried out in two areas: educational and practical components.

Training is carried out in two directions: educational and practical components. The educational component is provided by 26 doctors of science, 92 candidates of science, as well as 3 doctors of philosophy (PhD).

The educational component is provided by 26 Doctors of Sciences, 92 Candidates of Sciences, and 3 PhDs.

The practical component is provided by contracts with enterprises, organizations, and institutions of Ukraine.

FMM prepares specialists needed by modern national and international business - leaders with high-quality economic education, highly qualified management specialists and analyst specialists.