Training in Kazakhstan

In April, we, the representatives of the Department of International Economics FMM Irina Denisova - student of 5th year and Catherine Red'ko - engineer had the golden opportunity to go on training to the best university in Kazakhstan - Eurasian National University. L.M.Humilova.

Visit of the representatives of the educational sector of Kazakhstan

On April, 3 in the course of preparation for the official visit of Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov to Ukraine NTUU "KPI" was visited by the Vice Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Sayat Shayahmetova and vice-rector of Semipalatinsk State Pedagogical Institute Abzal Taltenov .

1964-1969: They mastered the virgin soil

Distant summer 1964. The railway junction Canas was overcrowded. The music, the crowd of guys with suitcases and backpacks, pronounced parting speech and wishes. Organizers once again compare their lists of departing, giving presents, specially bought for ceremonial farewell.