The visit of Minister of defense deputy and industry representatives from Republic of Kazakhstan.

On the 4th of April Minister of defense deputy of Kazakhstan Republic Sergiy Gromov and managers of National company “Kazakhstan engineering” and of one of the biggest Republic enterprises – plant № 811 had a meeting with NTUU "KPI" management and scientists.

Prorector of science, NAS Ukraine academician Mikhail Ilchenko briefly told guests about the scientific research branches of the university and about the cooperation of the university with Kazakhstan colleagues.

“We know about high potential of Ukrainian industry and about achievements in science and education. That is why our attention to the NTUU "KPI" is clear, - emphasized Sergiy Gromov while speaking at the meeting. – We know the opportunities of the NTUU "KPI" well, that’s why we are very interested in cooperation both in scientific and educational fields”.

The meeting was very clear. General manager of Science park “Kyiv Politechnic” Viktor Kamaev and director of international relations Andriy Shysholin made a report followed by videos which introduced structure and projects being realized now. The most heated discussions were aroused by Heat-and-Power Department specialists “Steam turbine technology “Aquarius”; unmanned aircraft designed by Aircraft and Space Systems Department; technologies for water purification and decontaminations of industrial wastes offered by specialists of Chemical Technology department and others.

In the end deputy Sergiy Gromov communicated with Kazakhstan Republic students, who study at Institute of Special Connections and Information Protection of NTUU "KPI".