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KPI graduates

Tananaev Ivan Vladimirovich

Фото. Тананаєв Іван Володимирович

Ivan Vladimirovich Tananaev (22.05[04.06].1904,  Serpove village, now Morshansk district of the Tambov region - 28.02.1993) - academician of the Academy of Science of the USSR (1958; member-correspondent of 1946). Chief editor of the journal "Inorganic materials" (from 1965).

Sukhomel Heorhiy Yosypovych

Фото. Сухомел Георгій Йосипович

Heorhiy Yosypovych Sukhomel (11.09.1888 - 18.07.1966 ) - Doctor of Engineering Science, professor, member of the Academy of Science of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (elected: 19.05.1951; speciality: hydraulics and hydromechanics).

Semen Isaakovich Tetelbaum - outstanding polytechnic

Фото. Тетельбаум Семен Ісакович

Among the prominent Soviet scientists in electronics the place of pride belongs to the correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR Semen Isaakovich Tetelbaum (1910-1958) - a graduate of the KPI, professor, head of department, dean of the faculty. S.I.

Famous alumni FPE: to the 65th anniversary of the Faculty

1948.11. В.Н. Свєчніков зі студентами

Preparing engineers, metallurgists in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute started in the early years of the twentieth century. The organizer of the metallurgy specialty and the head of the department for about a quarter of a century was Vasily Petrovich Izhevsky (1863-1926).

Jan Gaudenty Skzhipinsky - Outstanding Polish graduate of KPI

Ян Гаудентій Скжипінський (Jan Gaudenty Skrzypinski)

Jan Gaudenty Skzhipinsky (Jan Gaudenty Skrzypinski) was born in 1891 in an entail property of Pulko in the Warsaw province in the veterinarian's family. In 1917 he graduated from mechanical faculty of the Kiev Polytechnic institute.

Nikolay Chizhevsky - Outstanding Polish graduate of KPI

Nikolay Chizhevsky (Mikolaj Czyzewski) was born in Ukraine (town Gadyach) in a family of the district secretary. In 1910 he finished the Kiev gymnasium and became the student of chemical faculty of KPI where received absolyutory (i.e.

Ezhi Pomyanovsky - Outstanding Polish graduate of KPI

He was born in 1893 to Poodle. He was a son of the doctor. In 1912 he finished a gymnasium in Lutsk and began training at the Kiev university. In 1913 Ezhi became the student of the Lviv polytechnic, and since 1915. - Kiev Polytechnical institute.

Tadeush Graff - Outstanding Polish graduate of KPI

Tadeush Alexander Graff (Tadeusz Aleksander Graff) was born in Warsaw in 1886. He left secondary school in Vinnytsia, then he studied in KPI at mechanical faculty. He participated in the Polish student's organizations: in the Brotherly help and Corporation, cooperating with Kazimir Vezheysky..

Ivan Le – First Editor of the Kyiv Polytechnician

Фото. Іван Ле

A great role in the final formation of modern Ukrainian literary language was played by Ukrainian writers of the Soviet Ukrainization era, in the first third of the XX Century.

Anders Fyodor Ferdinandovich - designer of the first Ukrainian airship

Фото. Андерс Федір

From its beginning the 1911 year gave Kiev fans of aviation and aeronautics a lot of vivid impressions.



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