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Job Fair "Job for you - Spring 2015"

2015.04.16 Ярмарок вакансій «Робота для тебе – Весна 2015»

April 16, the regular job fair "Job for you - Spring 2015" was held at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Results of the first certification of the spring semester 2014/2015 e.y.

Кількість студентів, які неатестовані з трьох і більше дисциплін (розподіл за факультетами та інститутами, абсолютний

The first certification of the spring semester 2014/2015 academic was held from 23 to 29 March 2015. Intermediate control was passed by the students of 1-3 years, and these are 12832 person. In general, the certification was successful.

Educate highly qualified professionals and patriots [2014]

2015.03.02 звіт проректора з навчально-виховної роботи д.т.н., проф. П.О. Киричка на засіданні Вченої ради

Educational work at the University is carried out in accordance with the objectives set out by "Development Strategy NTUU" KPI "for the period 2012-2020," and aims to accelerate entry into the European educational space.

Kyiv Polytechnic to Ukrainian military

2014.12.26 Київські політехніки – українським військовим

December 26, the official transfer of the vehicle - SUV «Chevrolet» to Ukrainian military was held near the university interfaith church of St. Nicholas. This vehicle was additionally equipped by the students NTUU "KPI".

The results of the second attestation the autumn semester 2014/2015 academic year

2014.11.24-30 Кількість студентів, які були атестовані з усіх дисциплін

Held from 24 to 30 November 2014 second certification of the autumn semester was the last large-scale control measures before the session, which involved 15850 (excluding ISCIS) students at 1.27% (279 people) more than during the same period in school year.

Job Fair "Work for You - Fall 2014"

Ярмарок вакансій «Робота для тебе – осінь 2014»

November 6, 2014, a job fair "Work for You - Fall 2014", organized by the Centre for Career Development and the Department of educational work was traditionally held in NTUU “KPI”.

Civil defense: a training

2014.10.16 проведено тренування

According to the plan of training of civil defense of the University a special training was held at October, 16.

Charity Fair

2014.09.13 Благодійний ярмарок

September 13, a charity fair was held at NTUU"KPI". Funds from the fair organizers will send to help the Ukrainian military, which participate in the ATO.

The results of the summer session of academic year 2013/2014

Динаміка успішності складання літніх сесій за 2011-2014 роки

The summer session of this academic year lasted from 09.06.2014 to 30.06.2014.

Orientation Meeting of Scholars Erasmus Mundus Action / Action 2 (Mobility)

2014.07.03 Orientation Meeting of Scholars Erasmus Mundus Action / Action 2 (Mobility)

Events within the orientation meeting for Ukrainian Scholars Project Erasmus Mundus Action / Action 2 (Mobility) occurred on July, 3 at NTUU "KPI".



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