KPIAbitFEST - all for future entrants

On February 13, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute hosted an Open Day - KPIAbitFEST. It was held online as a stream. This traditional event, organized by the Department of Educational Work together with the Media Laboratory, is held in this format not for the first time, because the university must comply with all anti-epidemic and quarantine measures in force in the country.

Representatives of the University Admissions Committee, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute preparatory courses, the Ukrainian Centre for Educational Quality Assessment ZNOUA (this is the largest educational portal in Ukraine for ZNO 2020-2021 - and the Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI" told future entrants and, at the same time, all spectators on how to prepare and pass the external evaluation for the highest score, answered the most pressing questions about entering the university.
You can watch the Open Day - KPIAbitFEST on YouTube

At the second stage of the Open Day, zoom meetings were organized with representatives of all faculties / institutes. The directions of preparation of students, opportunities for study, self-development and leisure that open up for those who enter the university - about this and many other interesting and useful things future entrants and their parents could learn on this day. So the number of views of the stream reached almost 3000!