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The exhibition of batik and painting "Awakening"

2015.10.21-11.15 виставка художниці із Білої Церкви Тетяни Максимової

Under this name in the Picture Gallery of NTUU "KPI" in 21th of October 2015, was opened an exhibition of artist Tatyana Maximova from Bila Zerkva. The artist uses traditional batik techniques: cold, hot, nodular and the technique of free painting.

Art object on the Polytechnique street

2015.07.24 церемонія відкриття арт-об'єкту

Upon an initiative and support of Educational department (ED) VPI – students have painted the wall on the Polytachniquestreet. Future graphic specialists illustrated all faculties and departments in NTUU “KPI” very creative and brightly.

Familiarity with the culture and traditions of African people

2015.04.09 Культурно-мистецький захід, присвячений Дню Африки

Cultural and artistic event dedicated to the Day of Africa, took place on 9-th April in the Centre of international education of NTUU "KPI". Traditionally The Day of Africa is celebrated on 25-th May ( in this day in 1963, established the organization of African unity).

Hieroglyphics of feelings

художниця Наталія Гончарова

Under this title in the picture gallery of our University hosted an exhibition of Kiev artist Natalia Goncharova. Mistress compares her paintings with poetry, which can not be listened,it can be only seen , that's why the images are followed by its own poetry.

About Lesia Ukrainka – the famous Ukrainian poetess

2015.03.10  Мистецький вечір із циклу культурно-освітніх заходів

March 10 in Science and Technical Library NTUU "KPI" it was held another art evening of the series of cultural and educational events dedicated to outstanding personalities of history and culture.

Evening dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sviatoslav Richter

2015.03.19 Вечір, присвячений 100-річчю від дня народження Святослава Ріхтера

March 19 at the Conference Hall of the Academic Council NTUU "KPI" it was held the solemn evening dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding musician of the twentieth century Sviatoslav Richter (03.20.1915 - 01.08.1997).

The changing world through the eyes of Japanese photographers

2015.02.27–03.21 Фотовиставка «Погляд на сучасний світ: японська фотографія з 1970-х до наших часів»

Is Photo art or craft? Probably the supporters of the two extreme points of view on this issue will never reach a final agreement.

Eastern wisdom in Ukrainian

Джебран Халіль Джебран, Автопортрет з Музою, 1911 р.

Recently it was published by "Ukrainian writer" the book "Word of the prophet." This verse paraphrase of poetic and philosophical essays classics of world literature, the Lebanese-American philosopher, essayist, novelist and artist Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931).

Literary and artistic event in the library of KPI

2015.01.20 мистецький вечір на честь великого польського художника Яна Матейка

The series of art educational events, dedicated to known historic and cultural personalities, are carried out for the third consecutive year in the Science and Technical library NTUU “KPI”. The last one, conducted in January of this year, was the 15th.

Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language at the Center for International Education

2014.11.28 вечір, присвячений Дню української писемності та мови в ЦМО

November 28, foreign students NTUU "KPI" held the event in occasion of the Day of Ukrainian writing and language.



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