Кампус КПІ

The "Polytechnic" camp: pines, sea, beach

This summer, the KPI students and staff had the opportunity to spend a splendid time in "Polytechnic", which is on the shore of the Kiev Sea. Over the past two years, the area around completely renovated dormitories walked its way through a decent improvement.

KPI has its own plane

On August 30 the airplane Yak-40 appeared at the site of Aviation and Space at the State Polytechnic Museum NTUU "KPI".

Fir-trees were not always

For many years, on the front page of the New Year issue of our newspaper next to the Rector's congratulation it is published the winter photo of the first building, made in a week or a month before the release.

A.M. Lyulka Monument

A. M. Lyulka Monument is installed behind the main building of KPI in the alley of outstanding scientists.

Inauguration of the Jean Foucault bust

September 6, a bust of the world-famous French physicist and astronomer Jean Bernard Leon Foucault (1819 - 1868) was inaugurated in Scientific and Technical Library NTUU "KPI" of G.I.Denisenko.