Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute held two months on clean-up and landscaping and a spring toloka. Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs Vadym Kondratiuk told the “KP” newspaper correspondent about the clean-up results and upcoming plans for landscaping. 

Annually, twice a year - in spring and autumn, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute organize a month or two-month clean-up. Last spring, due to quarantine restrictions, we held a two-month clean-up period. The aim is to bring the territory after the autumn-winter period to a proper sanitary condition and maintenance it properly. Our clean-up events must meet the standards of the municipal enterprise for developing Kyiv. Conventionally, clean-up work and landscaping are divided into two parts. The first is the cleaning and taking care of greenery throughout the University territory, including around campuses, buildings, and monuments, in public places - parks, squares, streets of the University. The second part is the cleaning and restoring the classes, laboratories, and auditoriums of the University campus. The order of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute determined work directions. 

 - How did the toloka come to the University in spring? 

 - In spring, the Faculty of Sociology and Law started toloka. The FSL staff and employees cleared the lawn of last year's leaves and dried grass, planted trees and flowers near the 7th campus. Then, the FSL Head Yana Tsymbalenko handed toloka over to the IPP. This way toloka was the campuses № 8, 18, 19, 20, 28 and continued in May. The FSL, IPP, IAT, FICS, FCE, FEA have already taken part in it.

- These are, so to say, organizational moments. Now, please, tell us about the work done in detail. 

 - We have planned to create a new park and have almost done everything: the park is behind campus #18. We have planted more than 150 seedlings of young trees - oaks, maples, acacias, spruces, hornbeams, and birches. We are bringing soil to the park and will sow grass and soon install an irrigation system. The University Park zone, according to the plan, has got 150 seedlings of hornbeam, oak, and spruce. The staff of faculties and institutes, students, and concerned residents in the neighborhood joined in the fun. We have planted new spirea bushes and sown lawn grass where necessary. In spring, we managed to completely remove all the garbage accumulated in the autumn-winter period and remove fallen leaves in time. Trees have been cut in the park, on campus, and Polytechnic Street. We have carried out sanitary pruning of trees and partially mistletoe. 

I want to highlight that we did not take all the cut branches to the landfill but disposed of them. To do this, we bought a shredder. After shredding and storage, we will transport them to the recreation center “Polytechnic”, where the cut branches will be used as a solid fuel for a new boiler. This way, we will save on the fuel purchase about 50 thousand UAH. Thus, we provide a systematic approach under the project for separate collection or sorting of garbage on the University territory. Let me tell you another example. We used to take the cut branches to appropriate sites or reception centers. It took about 10 trips. Now, with the help of the shredder, we can take out the same amount in 2 trips - our savings are significant! 

I would like to thank all the participants of the two months of clean-up and landscaping, who have done tons of necessary work. The Department for Administrative Affairs provided all possible support and assistance to the toloka participants. The Department helped with planting materials and tools for the clean-up. I want to emphasize how much all volunteers have done and how enthusiastic everyone was. It was just pleasant to see how people who study or work in campuses, buildings, and structures are careful, proactive, are creative in landscaping, want to make comfortable and cozy conditions in the surrounding areas. 

 - What are the plans for the future? 

 - We addressed “KO Kyivzelenbud” concerning the number of trees in our territory that need cutting or removing. As soon as we get approval, we will perform the relevant work. 

Also, we want to create another park area behind campus #28 in the second half of the year.

The "Spring Toloka" Flash Mob

The Faculty of Sociology and Law held a Spring Toloka (communal work).

The FSL academic staff and employees cleared the lawn of last year leaves and dry grass. They also planted trees and flowers near the campus #7. The Dean of the FSP passed the baton of the communal work to the Institute of Printing and Publishing.

The Institute of Printing and Publishing decided to follow up the flash mob and invites everyone to join in the fun on April 19, at 14:00 near the campus #8.

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