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News of admissions committee

Doors Open Day in NTUU “KPI” 20.12.2015

2015.12.20 День відкритих дверей в НТУУ «КПІ»

Over a thousand of future high school graduates and their parents visited Culture Center of KPI on December, 20th within Doors Open Day

Local conference on enrollment campaign 2016

2015.11.19 регіональна нарада-семінар з питань організації і проведення прийому вступників до ВНЗ

The local conference on issues of organization and realization of enrollment campaign to the higher educational establishments of all ownership and subordination forms in 2016 was hold in NTUU “KPI” in November, 19.

Young, ambitious and promising: results of admission of students to the university in 2014

2014.08.29 День першокурсника

Every year  polytechnics' cohort is replenished by several thousands of ambitious young people who are planning to link their future with technology and engineering.



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