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KPI prominent scientists

Vladimir Grigoriev and Fyodor Tereshchenko. Different destinies, common path

КП - 1915. Літак Г-7

Names of Kiev aircraft designers Vladimir Grigoriev and Fyodor Tereshchenko are surrounded by an aura of mystery.

The Brothers Kasianenko: the Flight through the Darkness of Time

КПІ - 1917. Одномісний  винищувач з крилами «КПІ-5» (неофіційна назва «Торпеда»)

Not a few so called family “duets” left their mark in the development of science and technology. Monuments are erected in their memory; their portraits are printed on the pages of school textbooks; books are written about them as well as films are shot.

Ohiyevskiy Volodymyr Vasyliovych. Professor’s sycamore.

Огієвський Володимир Васильович

“Ars longa, vita brevis” Life is short, art is eternal. Hippocrates

On May 10, 2010 there was 120 years since the birth of Professor Ohiyevskiy Volodymyr Vasyliovych, the founder of the Radio Engineering Faculty NTUU “Kyiv polytechnic institute”.

In 1997 I participated the European Conference of microwave equipment in Jerusalem. In the framework of cultural program I was fortunate to visit the Garden of Gethsemane, there are old oil trees which are more than 2000 years. Being in this holy place you feel in especially how fast time flies and the preservation of historical monuments of past events and their teachers has the inestimable value for future generations.

Pysarenko Georgy Stepanovych. An Outstanding Scholar and Teacher , Academician of NAS of Ukraine

Фото. Писаренко Георгій Степанович

Georgiy Stepanovich Pisarenko was born in December 11, 1910 in Poltava Region, Ukraine. In 1936 he graduated from Shipbuilding College of Gorky Industrial Institute (Russia) with the Diploma of the Specialist in "Ship Mechanical Equipment".

Bobrov Viktoryn Flaviantovych

Бобров Вікторин Флавіанович

“Our air fleet will never be powerful, unless we develop aircraft industry. This industry will always drag out a miserable existence and using plagiarism of foreign constructions until we haven’t developed our own engineer staff. This truth is too evidently and there is no point in proving it. Everybody who wants to lay the solid foundation in the improvement of air fleet, who values the national wealth and doesn’t satisfied only by outer side, should adopt it…

Bariahtar Viktor Grygorovych

Фото. Бар’яхтар Віктор Григорович

A prominent Ukrainian scientist, one of the founders and the 1st dean of the Physico-mathematical Faculty of NTUU “KPI”, member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Viktor Grygorovych Bariahtar was born on the 9th of August 1930.

V.I. Trefilov - outstanding graduate KPI [Speech by M. Zgurovsky 49 th International Conference "Actual Problems of Strength"]

Трефілов Віктор Іванович

Dear Boris Yevhenovych! Dear participants and guests!

Today much is said about the colorful life of Viktor Ivanovich Trefilova (1930 - 2001) - Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, winner of Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR and RSFSR, PhD, Honorary Doctor "KPI "Director of the Institute of Materials in 1973 -2001 years.

We would like to pay tribute to Victor Ivanovich as one of the greatest students of the Kiev Polytechnic.

Kudashev Olexander Sergiyovych. The discoverer of aeronautics in Russia.

Кудашев Олександр Сергійович

The first attempts to construct a plane belonging to the nineteenth century. Thus, in 1882 the Russian engineer Olexander Mozhajskij built an aeronautical machine that is not able to rise into the air because of the large mass of the steam-engine, which served as the engine.

Mikulin Oleksandr Oleksandrovych - a prominent designer of aircraft engines

Мікулін Олександр Олександрович

Chief designer of aircraft engines that have raised tens of thousands of airplanes into the sky, the student of KPI in 1912-1914 years, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Milulin was one of the pioneers and founders of aviation in the USSR.

Yaremchuk Fedir Petrovich

Фото. Яремчук Федір Петрович

Fedir Yaremchuk was born 1920 in the nadsluchansky village Great Molodkov (now the Yarunsky area), Zhitomirshchina, in Peter Maksimovich and Stepanida Korneevna's family. Afterwards, Feodor having grown and having seized the higher mathematics; he became the outstanding scientist - the methodologist in the field of mathematics.



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