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KPI prominent scientists

Oboznenko Igor Leonidovich. To the colleague’s memory

Фото. Обозненко Ігор Леонідович

November 27 of this year would have turned 75 years since the birth of associate professor of acoustics department of NTUU "KPI" Igor Leonidovich Oboznenko - an outstanding expert in the field of acoustics. Unfortunately, for 9 years we do not have him with us.

Kocho Valentyn Stepanovych. In Teacher Memory

Photo. Kocho Valentyn Stepanovych

The 23rd of December is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Valentyn Stepanovych Kocho – intelligent person, teacher and talented scientist. He was one of the pioneers who conduct the process of the recovery of Ukraine, took part in the industrialization of the country. During the Great Patriotic War he was nobly working in the name of the Victory, made a great contribution to the country’s revival and was one of the inventors of the new branch in national science – automation of production processes of the national economy

KPI Graduate Academician O.M. Dihne

Photo. Dihne Oleksandr Mihaylovich

Scientific reading in honor of Oleksandr Mihaylovich Dihne - RAS academician, professor and director of Center of theoretical physics and computing mathematics of State scientific centre of Russian Federation - "Troitsk Institute of Innovative and Thermonuclear Research" (TRINITY for short Russia

Gratsianskiy Olexiy: Aviation As A Way of Life

Photo. Gratsianskiy Olexiy

At the Berlin International Air Expo 1928, the visitors' general curiosity was attracted by the world's first ever medical aircraft, the K-3, designed by Konstantin Kalinin and presented by the Kharkiv Aircraft Factory.

Hrydnyev V.N. and his scientific and pedagogical school in KPI

Hrydnyev V.N.

On the 7th of August marked 105 years since the birth of extraordinary figures and years of training, he dedicated memories Distinguished Professor "KPI" Oleksiy Bilotska that we offer to our readers.

Sikorsky Igor. The man who made the dream of Leonardo da Vinci come true

Фото. Сікорський Ігор Іванович

The boy liked to listen to his mother’s stories about the infinite universe, mysterious stars, about the secrets of the seas and oceans, the wonderful and exciting world that stretched far beyond the walls of the Kyiv apartment.

Antropov Lev Ivanovich, scientist, teacher, organizer of science. On the 100th anniversary

Photo. Antropov Lev Ivanovich

September 30, 2013 marks 100 years since the birth of Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences , Honored Figure of Science of the USSR , Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Lev Ivanovich Antropov - eminent scientist , a gifted teacher and organizer of science , founder of the world -famous

Lysin Boris Saveliyovych. A life devoted to the science.

Photo. Lysin Boris Saveliyovych

Lysin Borys Savelijovych. The life devoted to science. Dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of the academician.

Aircraft designer Tomashevych: from aeroplanes to rockets

Томашевич Дмитро

Summer of 1923, an event, that caused the great interest of city residents, especially the young, occurred in Kyiv. It was demonstrative aviation exhibition, which was organized by the provincial department of the Society of Aviation and Aeronautics Ukraine and Crimea.

Ivakhnenko Oleksii Grygorovych . To the 100th anniversary of academician

Ivakhnenko Oleksii Grygorovych

On March 30, 2013 it is 100 years since the birth of the famous scientist Oleksii Grygorovych Ivakhnenko (1913-2007) – the doctor of sciences , professor, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of USSR ( 1961 ), academician of Ukraine ( 2003 ).



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