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A mobile application for insulin-dependent patients has been developed

Мобільний додаток для інсулінозалежних хворих

According to international studies, the number of people with diabetes on the globe will soon reach 500 million. In Ukraine, this figure has exceeded one million people.

Physical activity is a way to health and success. Useful tips for women

Фізична активність – шлях до здоров'я й успіху. Корисні поради для жінок

We live in a world saturated with information. Every day we get it from various sources and perceive so much new that do not even notice it. So the majority of modern people tend to have a feeling of congestion and fatigue.

Take Care Of Your Health Since Youth

Image. Яку їжу і в якій кількості слід вживати

Physicians sound alarm: the majority of schools leavers have deviations in health. Therefore at the university when young people become more senior and are more responsible, it is necessary to listen attentively to yourself and to make efforts for organism maintenance in work capacity.

System Nikolai Amosov "1000 movement"

Система Миколи Амосова  "1000 рухів"

December 12, 2002 An outstanding Ukrainian heart surgeon, scientist, writer, academician of the USSR and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Amosov died.

Information systems for Ohmatdyt

Інформаційні системи для Охматдиту

Recently was received a letter which addressed to rector of  KPI M. Zgurovsky from the National Children's Specialized Hospital "OHMATDET" Ministry of Health of Ukraine, where doctors praised the work on improving the technical, information and software made for them by experts KPI .

Correct honey is made by wooly bees

Image. Волохаті бджоли

Autumn honey fairs have become commonplace for us. Making gratitude to little winged toilers, we store this sunny nectar for the winter.

Department of special medical groups: fashionable to be healthy

Кампус КПІ. У залі лікувальної фізкультури спорткомплексу

Increasingly professionals and enthusiasts who advocate healthy lifestyle stress an advance health and work capacity that nature has given to man - a short-lived. We have to take care of our health in order to maintain active longevity, be competitive in the job market and in life.

Computerization of society and the problem of "clip thinking"

Інформатизація суспільства та проблема «кліпового мислення»

In recent years, the public, which is still able to think, has sounded the alarm, noting the phenomenon of so-called "clip thinking" and its consequences for the individual now and for society as a whole in the near future.

Aerobics - a nice way to health and beauty

Колектив КПІ. Заняття із степ-аеробіки, 2010

Aerobics (rhythmic gymnastics) is a complex exercise (walking, running, jumping, etc.), which is performed under the music. It is one of the most popular types of recreational physical culture. Usually there are attended aerobics classes in order to lose weight, improve the figure.

Treat genyantritis without centesis (doctor’s advices)

Лікуємо гайморит “без проколів”

In America, according to the statistic center, sinusitis became the most widespread chronical illnesses. Almost every 8th person either is ill or recovered from sinusitis. Among them every 3th person comes to doctor’s with already neglected, chronical form of the illness.



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