Information systems for Ohmatdyt

Recently was received a letter which addressed to rector of  KPI M. Zgurovsky from the National Children's Specialized Hospital "OHMATDET" Ministry of Health of Ukraine, where doctors praised the work on improving the technical, information and software made for them by experts KPI . Today "OHMATDET"   is a multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment center that provides highly specialized medical care for children of Ukraine. The director of Department of System Design of  KPI Savytskyy Artem Yosyfovych tells about partnership with renowned medical establishment.

One of the priorities of the health care system is the implementation of various information systems, which firstly, can quickly provide all interested information  about the possibilities of medical establishment on public service, and secondly to provide medical personnel operational data on patients.

Over the past two years, CB Information Systems of the University cooperates with institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, including the National Children's Specialized Hospital (NCSH) "OHMATDET" for the development and implementation of information websites and software, information systems and logistics support of nursing school. Thus, under the direction of Valery fellow CB IS Zakharovich Stetsiuk FIVT with students, especially Andrew Maley (gr.IS-82), in order to provide technical assistance implemented a number of activities: an information site Neonatological center NCSH "OHMATDET" Information Center website metabolic diseases , a database of patients metabolic diseases Center, assisted in setting up hardware and software and the Center for metabolic diseases department harvesting of blood and its components. Further work associated with creating system of the electronic medical records of patients.

The organization of health care in neonatology (newborns) NCSH «OHMATDET" at present not possible without adequate information support. In the created site were provided all the necessary information about the work center offices, its staff and activities organized by and held at the center. Today, work is underway to create a database Neonatological center.

With the organization of the system of follow-up (for premature children) monitoring in neonatal center NCSH"OHMATDET" it was necessary to create a database to systematize information about each little patient and receipt of all necessary data at any stage. This will greatly facilitate the work of the doctor will track the disease in children.

Center for metabolic diseases (metabolic disorders) NCSH "OHMATDET"  is the only in Ukraine, where the unique laboratory tests are carried out. Created by our site participation enables the center to inform the population about the possibility Center and use this resource to promote knowledge of hereditary metabolic diseases.

Center metabolic diseases (metabolic disorders) NCSH "OHMATDET "  is the only cent in Ukraine, where the unique laboratory tests are carried out. Our created site participation enables the center to inform the people about the possibility of Center and use this resource to promote knowledge of hereditary metabolic diseases.

E formalized card which is developing, will allow to save and edit all medical information about the patient, quickly find the necessary data and perform incremental analysis. LAN allows you to adjust the feedback from the laboratory division of the center and save time for test results. The software allows detailed analysis of the center and effectively correct the deficiencies.

Overwhelmingly important in the center is to create a database of patients with rare diseases (phenylketonuria, Gaucher disease and mucopolysaccharidoses). Keeping these databases on separate nosology will determine the  demend for necessary medicines and diets. Another important area of further work is to create a system to monitor the health of patients and, depending on its results, the timely correction of the treatment of patients.

Particular attention is paid to these works deputy director NCSH "OHMATDET" PhD in Medical Science, Medical Doctor Tatyana P. Ivanov, supervisor of the Center for Metabolic Diseases. M. N. Natalia Pichkur  supervisor  of Neonatological Center NDSL "OHMATDET" Elena Bakaev and others. Their abiding concern of sick children deserves respect, encourages further cooperation with them to create new information systems.

A.Y.Savytskyy, director of information system Job CB of KPI