Department of special medical groups: fashionable to be healthy

Increasingly professionals and enthusiasts who advocate healthy lifestyle stress an advance health and work capacity that nature has given to man - a short-lived. We have to take care of our health in order to maintain active longevity, be competitive in the job market and in life.

Head of Department of special medical groups, deputy dean MMIF of education PhD Irina Y. Karpyuk concerned about the rising number of students in the KPI that have low health." Youth - a time to experiment not only with looks but also with a health. Consequences of non-adherence to healthy work and rest regime, unbalanced diet,alcohol consumption, smoking when young - are difficult to understand. Emergence of diseases on the threshold of maturity, and even more so in old age is perceived as something unreal. Obviously so in adulthood few can boast of good health. But physical training specialists, doctors, and teachers around the world warned: prevent the disease is much easier than cure, and urge to protect health from an early age.

"Earlier there were 4 teachers in the department of special medical groups where students with deviations in health status and physical development, are studying. Now - 7,despite the fact that the classes of physical education for students was reduced to 4 semesters, - she said. You can train to be healthy - continues Irina Yurievna. - We want our students to form a culture of healthy behavior. If you will have a health - you will have also professional success and good career."I n an interview with the correspondent of " KP"Irina Karpyuk also noted the close cooperation with the student clinic of KPI.
Experienced doctors who work there, are encouraging students to engage in physical education, not exempt them without good reason from physical activity, as opposed to the children's pediatricians clinics operated by the low school requirements.

The department of special medical teams in recent years, accumulated a lot of guidelines for independent work of students who have certain disabilities, ranging from morning exercises, corrective exercises to combat violations and finishing by tips of self-control and how to prevent complications. So using these materials, students with violation of posture, excessive (or insufficient) weight, low vision, especially diseases of the digestive tract which are progressing among students, will be able to work independently to improve their health.

Irina Y. proudly presents her colleagues - experienced professionals with 20 - 30 years of experience and young researchers: T.K. Obezyuk - Magistrate graduate of University of Physical Education and Sport, which has a secondary medical education and experience at the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of M. Amosov, now actively involved in technical work, preparing materials for PhD thesis; O.S. Kurachenko who 30 years worked as a physical therapy in the sanatorium "October", gained a lot of professional experience; N.V. Ignatenko also a graduate of University of Magistrate of Physical Education and Sport, has the search topic for the dissertation. Karpyuk I.U. herself over 30 years explores issues of physical readiness of students with disabilities in health status and arranges for their physical rehabilitation. Her articles are translated into Polish, German and English, foreign scientists refer to them.

"Physical education requires coercion or very high motivation," - says the expert. She calls on all KPI students to be physically active to be fully realized in the profession and raise healthy children who later come to study in the best technical university of the country where the care of a healthy body and a healthy mind.