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Звіт 2015

Creating of competitive education system is requirement of time


Our university traditionally is a leader of national and international ratings among technical universities. In order to attract the necessary number of freshmen, quality and methods of training must meet  modern requirements. Reproductive system is inferior to interactive one.

Educational process in the university in 2015

From the report of P. O. Kyrychok at the Academic Board of NTUU "KPI" as of March 14, 2016

Work of occupational safety in 2015

Робота з охорони праці у 2015 році

The main goal of labor protection department "KPI" is and remains the introduction of European norms, standards and values in terms of labor, the realization of the constitutional right of workers to protection of their life and health.

The maintenance and development of material and technical base NTUU "KPI". From the rector report off administrative work P.V.Kovalova about work in 2015 and the main tasks for 2016

П.В. Ковальов

The main task of the department of administrative and economic work it is maintenance of material and technical base NTUU "KPI" an independent state and its further development.

NTUU "KPI" in development: results, problems and tasks. From the Rector’s report about future development considering the results of work in 2015

Звіт проректора з перспективного розвитку О.М. Новікова за результатами роботи у 2015 році

The department of perspective development coordinates the implementation of "Development Strategy "KPI "for 2012-2020 years" and solves the problem of development and management in the following areas:

We have a limited number of entrants. About the results of the students admission to the university in 2015

Діаграма 2.  Стан виконання держзамовлення 2015

This year's admission campaign in NTUU "KPI" was not easy. The number of applications was also somewhat lower than in 2014. The admission plan was reduced by 12% (last year the state order was 4,313 persons, admitted 4311, this year the state order was 3951 person, admitted 3315).


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