Work of occupational safety in 2015

The main goal of labor protection department "KPI" is and remains the introduction of European norms, standards and values in terms of labor, the realization of the constitutional right of workers to protection of their life and health.

The main directions of the department in 2015 were the following:

  • Implementation of measures set by the regulatory acts;
  • Search of innovative approaches that assist in the protection of labor;
  • Provide consultations structural units in matters of health;
  • Improving the functioning of the safety management system;
  • Cooperation with structural subdivisions in the prevention of injuries;
  • Formation of a preventive culture of occupational health and reduce the probability of accidents in production and non-production areas.

These areas include training and testing for safety, creating a modern regulatory framework for certification of workplaces on working conditions, funding for health and safety, all kinds of instructing, cooperation with labor protection department and trade union committee university departments.

Due to purposeful activity of structural subdivisions in non-production sphere injuries decreased by almost 50%.

The university was examined competition state conditions and safety. The contest was to raise the attention of managers and trade unions to security of life and safety. The winners were awarded diplomas of university management. Awarding was held in the office of labor University participation of the trade union "KPI" V. Korsakov's (on the picture left).

Significantly certification of jobs by specialists of the Institute of Medicine and the Ministry of Health Labor Ukraine contributed to the improvement of safety. As a result of certification of 154 employees were entitled to benefits under the applicable law.

In the structural units of themed events were held on an explanation existing provisions of the law on health, CMU, injury prevention in the industrial sector and in the home, providing assistance to victims health care, rules of conduct in case of an emergency and others.                                                                                                                                                                                 In conducting such activities were not only employees of labor protection department, but also teachers and FSP FBMI.

Division of labor "KPI" in conjunction with the FSP set up psychological counseling room, which is located in the office of labor "KPI" (teach. Housing 18 kab.227), and in which professors of psychology and pedagogy assist employees and students University.

April 28, 2015, the World Day for safety, at a meeting of trade union department of labor reported on the implementation of Section III "Health Care" collective agreement "KPI".

To study the best practices of responsible person of occupational safety structural sub-sections acquainted with the safety management of public company "Obolon"  and "Imperial Tobacco Production Ukraine". As a result of visits by specialists of enterprises labor protection department study the possibility of applying to university European model of international risk management.

Employees of the department in 2015 to systematically solve the question of training of workers in jobs with high risk, check the instructions of occupational safety in occupations and types of work, all types of coaching, interaction with the district administration «Solomyansky district». Kyiv, worked with the magazine "Health" and the newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic".

To improve the work on health in 2016, including planned:

  • Study the European experience implementing safety management in domestic enterprises and the possibility of a "KPI" European model of international risk management;
  • Conducting special events for the life safety of workers collectives university departments;
  • Publication "guidance on life safety for students during summer vacation" together with the teachers of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.