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Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre opened in Ukraine in 2013 with support of Ministry of Economic development and Trade of Ukraine in the frame of the UNIDO program. The Centre was founded by the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

Session of Management committee of UNIDO project

2016.02.09 Засідання Керівного комітету проекту ЮНІДО

On February, 9th the session of a Management committee of an international project UNIDO “Assistance in adaptation and implementation of resource effective and more clean production through the creation and function of the Center of clean production in Ukraine” took place at NTUU “KPI”.

Enterprises of Kyiv region are learning to save resource

2015.12.08  конференція "Ресурсоефективність роботи підприємств Київського регіону"

The conference " Resource efficiency of the enterprises in Kyiv region" took place in the exhibition hall of the Science Park "Kyiv politechnika" on December 8, 2015. During this conference the project results of resource efficient and cleaner production in the Kiev region were presented.

In NTUU “KPI” the group of reserve transferred military officers and members of their families received documents on finishing education within “Ukraine-Norway” project

2015.12.17 Видача сертифікати державного зразка про проходження професійної перепідготовки в КПІ

30 students received diplomas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Norway, state-recognized certificates on the professional requalification at KPI and international certificates of the Center of resource effective and clear production from international organization UNIDO on professional requalification practice that was conducted within the project “Professional requalification of reserve transferred military officers of Military Forces of Ukraine and their family members” (Ukraine-Norway project).

Power supply problems of industrial enterprises discussed at KPI

2015.11.06  форум «Ресурсоефективне та чисте виробництво (РЕЧВ): енергоефективність»

Current problems of power supply of industrial manufacturing were placed for consideration at forum “Resource effectiveness and clean manufacturing: power efficiency (RECM)” that took place at NTUU “KPI” on November, 6th.

Preparation the experts in speciality “Resourceexploitation techlogy”

На фото: Выступает И. Шилович

September 23 on the base of resourceexploitation and cleaner industry and Institute of postdiploma education NTUU “KPI” took place the first meeting of participants of retraining military personal in the course of preparation the expert in speciality “Resourceexploitation techlogy” according

The meeting of the Advisory Counsil’s Managing Committee of the project of UNIDO in Ukraine

2015.02.27 Засідання Керівного комітету Консультативної ради проекту ЮНІДО в Україні

February 27, a meeting of the Managing Committee of the Advisory Counsil of the project of the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), "Promotion of the program resource efficiency and cleaner production through the creation and early work of cleaner production centers in Ukraine" was hel

Resource efficiency of enterprises Kiev region

2014.11.13 Конференція "Ресурсоефективність роботи підприємств київського регіону"

November 13, 2014, the conference "Resource efficiency of the enterprises of Kiev region" was held in NTUU “KPI”.

Women in Industry : Realities and Challenges

2014.01.22 Women in Industry: Realities and Challenges

On January, 22 the Center for Resource-Efficient and Cleaner Production ( CRECP) which was opened in NTUU "KPI" within the framework of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in resource-efficient and cleaner production, hosted a meeting "Women in Industry ".

Methodology implementation experience of resource efficient and purer manufacture was discussed in NTUU 'KPI'

2013.07.11 the conference on 'the methodology implementation experience of the of enterprises’ resource efficient and purer manufacture situated in Kyiv region'

The main purpose of the conference 'The methodology implementation experience of the of enterprises’ resource efficient and purer manufacture situated in Kyiv region' was the results discussion of enterprises’ and organizations’ activity in the Kyiv region within the frame of implementation the resource efficient and purer manufacture project under the direction of UN, namely UNIDO. UNIDO also initiates involving of new enterprises in this project. The host of the conference was The Resource Efficient and Purer Manufacture Centre (REPMC) established within the frame of this project with the purpose of servicing and organizational supporting the measures aiming to reduce resource consumption by the Ukrainian enterprises and increase competitive advantage.



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