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Kyiv Polytechnicians in the Leadership Development Project

2019.03.05 The British Council's “Leadership Development  for Ukrainian Universities” Program

The British Council's “Leadership Development for Ukrainian Universities” Program, launched in 2016 as an innovative project of the British Council for the Development of Leadership Culture in Higher Education, has been completed.

Kiev Polytechnics in the program "Seeds for the Future"

2017.12.08 урочистості з нагоди завершення чергового етапу освітнього проекту Huawei

Our present is the beginning of the age of digital technology. And every day we are all closer to a truly digital future. The professions of technical directions become more and more popular, and competition in the IT field is constantly increasing.

The project of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is among the winners of the Jean Monnet Programme

2017.11.7-16  тренінгові курси "ЄС як проривний підприємець"

For the scientist from the Faculty of Management and Marketing, the 2017 was a happy year.

The window of opportunity for Ukrainian scientists

Горизонт 2020

On the pros and cons of the decision-Ukraine Association Agreement with the European Union over the past two years, which had not only read and hear.

Program "Erasmus +" at NTUU “KPI”

Програми "Еразмус+" в КПІ

Under the title "Erasmus +" January 1, 2014 a new program of the European Union started to improve skills and efficiency in education, training, youth and sport.

The working programme 2016-2017 in the direction of "Information and communication technology": the purpose and prospects

2015.10.13 затверджено Робочу програму на 2016–2017 роки за програмою "Горизонт 2020"

The main objective of the programme Horizon 2020 is to promote sustainable economic development of the countries of the European Union and associated countries by supporting research and innovation in key areas of development of economy and society.

Public lecture «CERN. Programs for students»

2015.12.01 Публічна лекція «ЦЕРН. Студентські програми»

Senior lecturer of the General Physics and Solid State Physics chair of KPI, Tetiana Chyzhska delivered a public lecture on “CERN. Programs for students” in Big physics room of NTUU “KPI” on 1st of December.

Informational Day within the EU Program “Horizon-2020” on Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials (CERM)

2015.11.23 Інформаційний день у рамках Програми ЄС «ГОРИЗОНТ 2020» за напрямом «КЕВР»

On November, 23rd the second Informational Day within the EU Program “Horizon-2020” took place in NTUU “KPI”

We congratulate the winners of the EU Erasmus program competition of 2015!

Вітаємо переможців конкурсу за програмою ЄС «Еразмус+» 2015 року!

An implementation agency of European Union regarding education, audio and visual means as well as culture matters announced the results of the first 2015 competition of Erasmus+ program in the direction of KA2 “Development of higher education”



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