On June 30, 2023, the first stage of the "Building Back Better" project, a joint acceleration program of the University of Sheffield and Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, ended.

This phase began on May 23 with intensive trainings on the basics of innovative business with the participation of trainers from the University of Sheffield, successful British entrepreneurs, and coaches from the Sikorsky Challenge startup school. A month later, the program participants presented their projects to a British expert jury.

A total of 21 projects were presented, of which 10 projects were selected for further acceleration:

  • MENISCUS RESECTOR - An innovative invasive electrosurgical tool for meniscus resection using high-frequency plasma cutting technology (CEO Bogdan Hryshchuk, Kyiv).
  • Alpha Atom - Innovative plasma-chemical technology for the processing of liquid radioactive waste (CEO Igor Peer, Israel-Kyiv).
  • Sunflower Bio-Plastic - Ecological bioplastic from sunflower husk waste (CEO Oleksiy Myroniuk, Kyiv).
  • Hearify - An artificial intelligence tutor assistant that personalizes learning for each student in the classroom (COO Dmytro Omelyan, Lviv-Kyiv).
  • Vacuum Gravity Energy - Innovative technology for generating electricity using atmospheric pressure (founder - Vira Filatova, Kyiv).
  • Solar Concentration, Accumulation and Integration - Heat and power supply of buildings based on mini-concentration of solar energy (CEO Serhiy Baraban, Poznan-Vinnytsia).
  • Univera - Mobile application for students "University in the phone" (Founder Danylo Demerzhy, Odesa).
  • EasySign - Mobile application "Sign Language" (Anastasia Slobodianyk, Kyiv).
  • Izostera - Heat and sound insulation material from seaweed (Larysa Beblekhova, Kherson).
  • NanoSpace - A unique technology for detecting viruses using nanobiosensors (CEO and founders Bohdan Vodianiuk and Maryna Tselishcheva, Kyiv).

At the next stage of the program, the teams of the selected projects will prepare for presentations at the University of Sheffield in August 2023. They will be able to travel to Sheffield to participate in the competition and negotiate future cooperation with potential investors.

In addition, these 10 projects will automatically become finalists of the XII International Festival of Innovative Startup Projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2023", which will be held on October 24-27, 2023!

Congratulations to all program participants! And see you at future Competitions!

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