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Summer. Germany. Industrial practice.

Колектив КПІ. Учасники практики біля заводу Volkswagen

This year a group of six students of the Joint Ukrainian-German Faculty of  Institute of Mechanical Engineering, went to a monthly internship at the University of Magdeburg Otto-von-Guericke (Germany).

The program of MES in Germany. The impression of postgraduate intern

Фото. Манжола Марина проводить тестові випробування

To enhance the skills and motivation, there are many additional educational programs training programs and exchange program.

Training in Canada

Колектив КПІ, Катерина Дорошенко і Віктор Путренко

Employees of World center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development Katerina Doroshenko and Viktor Putrenko undergone training at Vancouver Island University (Canada) and received the certificates of improving teaching skills and curriculum development in the field of geographic informa

Training in Kazakhstan

Training in Kazakhstan

In April, we, the representatives of the Department of International Economics FMM Irina Denisova - student of 5th year and Catherine Red'ko - engineer had the golden opportunity to go on training to the best university in Kazakhstan - Eurasian National University. L.M.Humilova.

Students of Acoustics Department Tell How to Combine Studying with Practice

on the board of ship “Pochaiv”

There exist different students. Some of them believe that at first you need to study all the theory from the beginning to the end of the book, and only then start putting something into practice. Others, vice versa,believe that the only theory you need is one, that can be used in practice.

Summer practice in Magdeburg

2013.07 Summer practice in Magdeburg

In July the group of twelve students of the Joint Ukrainian-German faculty of mechanical engineering visited Magdeburg university of Otto von Gerike (Germany).  Four weeks, four various institutes, four various directions (the researches of materials' endurance, the experimental factory, mech

Traineeship in Poland: Students View

Колектив КПІ, ФММ. Студенти біля пам'ятника А.Ф. Моджевському

With the framework of the project "BusinessWeek- 2013" FMM students made a week-long training program "Creating and managing own business in EU by the example of Poland." The organizer was the Foundation "Central European Academy Studies and Certification" (CEASC) in collaboration with the Krakow

As PBF students master the profession

Як студенти ПБФ оволодівають професією

The acquisition practical skills for students are an important step in the learning process.



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