Internship experience of students of Electronics Faculty at the Technical University in Dresden

From 2 to 11 September of this year, a group of 12 students from three departments of the Faculty of Electronics (Microelectronics, electronic devices and equipment, physical and biomedical electronics) visited the internship experience in the laboratory of design and communications technology (Director of Institute - Professor. Karlheinz Bock) of Technical University of Dresden (TUD). As in previous years, students travel to Germany organized the Ukrainian-German Center faculty of Electronics with support from the German side, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Internship experience Program included: Introductory lecture by Prof. Dr. Thomas Zern and Dr.Heinze Volrabe, study and practical application of technologies of technology of printed circuit boards ,exploration of bilateral equipment installation of both passive and active electronic components, small and large integrated circuits using technologies automatic placement of electronic components in certain places, given their exact coordinates. Students had the opportunity to perform various technological operations, analyze their features and causes of defects in their next detection using different methods control. Useful for students was opportunity of learning concept of pure electronic technologies, work on modern equipment, awareness of the need to study German and English (all lectures and laboratory classes conducted german language, sometimes comments were given in English).

Interesting for the students was that laboratory studies with ultrasound research study conducted by the graduate department of electronic instruments and devices Mikhail Kirichenko, formerly under the "double diploma" performed with master's program KPI, and TUD. Even more impressed students the fact that while visiting "Fraunhofer-Institut of reliability and mikrointehratsiya" lecture held youngest Professor of Technical University in Dresden Ms. Julian Panchenko - also graduated from Faculty of Electronics.

She also organized visiting for students "clean technology area" in this institute, which can be accessed only after dressing two clean overalls, two pairs of shoe covers, special mask for the face when open are only the eyes (even the air of breath should not be directly exposed to rooms). In graduate school of prof. Panchenko among of three graduate students is another graduate of the department of electronic instruments and devices - Maria Lykova, supported by a special program, which operates in Germany - "Women in Science".

The final day of practice was stretched, the program included speeches by each of student in German on the results of practice. This was preceded by active training of each student's performance with understanding the need of improving knowledge of German and English.

Its impossible not to note also that due to the efforts of another graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Irina Patsory (currently performs research for PhD program), between the scientists of the Faculty of Electronics and the Institute of design and technology relationships TUD (prof. Henning Hoyer) initiated and successfully developed science and Technical cooperation in increasing the number of internal communications in electronic structures (6 June this year, the patent office TUD filed a joint patent application).

By theside of the Faculty of Electronics students practice was organized by writer and associate professor of microelectronics D.D.Tatarchuk. Ukrainian-German Center of Faculty of Electronics continues studing german language for interested students and plans to further develop cooperation with colleagues at TUD in academic, scientific and technical fields.

B.Tsyhanok, professor of electronic instruments and devices department.