4.16. Practical training of persons studying at the University is carried out, as a rule, by their internship at enterprises, institutions and organizations that meet the conditions of internship programs in accordance with the agreements concluded at the University. Structural subdivisions of the University, which have the necessary equipment and correspond to the internship programs, can also be used as bases of practice of HE applicants.

4.17. The purpose of practical training is to master modern methods, forms of organization and tools in the field of their future professional activity, formation on the basis of acquired knowledge of professional skills and experience of independent decision-making during specific work in real market and production conditions, establishing the pattern to systematically update knowledge and creatively apply them in practice.

4.18. Depending on the specific speciality, the goals of the educational program and / or the requirements of higher education standards, different types of practices can be conducted, for example: educational, technological, operational, design, economic, clinical, pedagogical, research, undergraduate, etc.

4.19. The list of all types of practices and terms of their carrying out are defined by the curriculum.

4.20. Tasks and requirements for different types of practices, as well as the organization of their implementation is determined by the Regulations on the practice of higher education in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

4.21. During the internship, students are provided with workplaces, safe and harmless working conditions in accordance with educational programs and agreements between the University and enterprises, institutions, organizations that provide places for internships. During the internship it is forbidden to use the work of applicants for purposes not provided for in the educational program.