Students of the Joint Ukrainian-German Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Germany. Practical training of students of the 3rd course

In July 2016 a group of 11 students of the Joint Ukrainian-German Faculty of Mechanical Engineering visited the Magdeburg University after Otto-von-Guericke (Germany) according to the program of a work practice.

Acquaintance to university, its structure, the German education system and new technologies was a main goal of this practice. Within four weeks we visited four institutes where we saw all laboratories and we acquainted with the latest scientists and engineers researches. Classes began from 9:00 and lasted about three or four hours. Representatives of Mahdeburzky University told about their achievements in various projects, conducted tours on laboratories, where new equipment was located. We conducted researches, had an opportunity to see 3-D scanners and printers, the thermomechanical regulator, extremely accurate measuring instruments. In particular, student’s development of the "Bugee" electric vehicle, which has 4th motor wheel and the autopilot were remembered. The "FabLab" laboratory is working space, where each student of Magdeburg University can come interested and using equipment with numerical program control to create a prototype for the future project. We also visited the factory of powder metallurgy in Tully. This plant is the leader on production of cogwheels of the wide range for auto giants like Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ferrari and others. Another company, in which we organized the excursion, was a factory "Enerkon". It ranks the fourth place in the world on production of wind power plants.

Besides lectures, days off we traveled Germany and visited Berlin, Dresden, Wolfsburg, Hamburg and other cities. There we could plunge into the German environment, to acquainted with culture and visit the largest museums of Europe. In particular, in Wolfsburg there is a museum of history and the headquarters of Volkswagen, and in Berlin is one of the largest technical museums.

Finally, I want to say that the practice in Germany is a good opportunity personally to see new technologies, and not only in the experimental laboratories, but also on production. In a month we have gained invaluable experience, met with teachers of the Magdeburg University and saw close cooperation of industry and education.

O.I.Dudka, D.Yu.Dzhuliy,
Heads of practice of NTUU "KPI after Igor Sikorsky"
Students of the 3rd course SUNFM