On June 7-11, 2021, a lecturer Lucía Aragüez Valenzuela from Malaga University, Spain, visited the Faculty of Sociology and Law of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

The meetings with the faculty management focused on developing bilateral cooperation, sharing experience, participating in joint scientific events, namely conferences in Ukraine and Spain.
For students of the Sociology specialty, Ms. Valenzuela gave a lecture: “Work through virtual platforms and protection of the working person." At the working meeting with Head of the Department of Sociology Pavlo Kutuiev, participants discussed interdisciplinary cooperation.

For students in the Public Administration specialty, Ms. Valenzuela gave a lecture: “The use of digital algorithms in the workspace as a means of discrimination." The lectures for students and teachers whose research interests are in e-government will be posted on the website of the Department of Theory and Practice of Management.

The aim of the Spanish guest was a visit to the Department of Economic and Administrative Law. Head of the DEAL Svitlana Bevz held talks on signing a cooperation agreement between the universities. The meeting members also discussed the organization of a joint international conference in autumn 2021.

Besides, the parties agreed to hold collective lectures and practical classes for law students in the new semester. Ms. Valenzuela gave lectures on “The future of work in the digitalized world (with special reference to the digital rights of workers and the power of corporate control)” and “The use of technologies as a method of educational innovation” for law students.

An offline lecture for university teachers - “The use of technologies as a method of educational innovation” - became the highlight of the visit. During the lecture, teachers from different departments discussed improving the teaching quality and implementing innovative teaching technologies.

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