KPI and National Social Service: social protection

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute together with the National Social Service of Ukraine will develop social protection of the population in times of war.

The cooperation envisages volunteer activities, combating violence and providing quality social services to Ukrainian citizens.

Night angel from KPI

Our legendary knights, who are known in Ukraine and the world, are the "Ghost of Kyiv", "Night Ghosts" and others.

Eternal memory to the heroes-polytechnicians!

The Kyiv Polytechnic unveiled memorial plaques to three graduates of the Faculty of Sociology and Law who stood up to defend Ukraine in 2014 and gave their lives for its freedom and independence.

Returning Ukrainians home

Students majoring in Public Management and Administration at the FSP have developed a unique program for the repatriation of Ukrainians. Public managers focused on the issue of encouraging people to return to their homeland.

KPI graduate Anton Klitnyi died

Anton graduated from the FSP in 2015 with a degree in law.

"Anton was a wonderful person, a talented lawyer, a caring son and father. He is survived by a small child! Low bow to his parents for raising a true patriot!" the KPI Faculty of Sociology and Law wrote on its Facebook page.

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