Special vehicles for Ukraine's defenders

On May 5, representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received the keys to four ambulances and documents for them. The handover ceremony took place in the KPI on the square near the monument to Igor Sikorsky.

Ukrainian Peace Council expands its borders

The Ukrainian Peace Council, the International Charitable Foundation "Independent Ukrainian Media Center in Europe" and the All-Ukrainian newspaper for scientists and educators "Svit" signed a cooperation agreement at Kyiv Polytechnic.

Forum of mechanical engineers

Students of the KPI took part in the forum of mechanical engineers to improve their skills in aviation and astronautics.

Polytechnicians learned about new technologies for designing airplanes and missiles for the development and defense of our country.

Open day in KPI. Part 1.

Biotechnologists, microbiologists, programmers, journalists, radio engineers, artists, aircraft designers - dozens of professions are being studied at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute!