Статті 16 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2017 рік

Viktor Ivakhnenko - three-time European champion among students!

Fourth-year student of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Viktor Ivakhnenko again won the championship of Europe among students in the weight category up to 70 kg at the European Championship in kettlebell sport that was held in Pécs (Hungary), from April 28 to May 1.

Valentyn Porfyrovych Yatsenko is 80!

Valentyn Porfyrovych Yatsenko was born May 21, 1937, in Ivanivka, Khabarovsk region in a military family. On graduating from Kyiv Medical Institute in 1960 he became a surgeon.

News from the volleyball courts

Volleyball movement in our university is constantly expanding. Veteran volleyball players are participating in the competitions not only in Ukraine but also abroad. In particular, the series of qualifying games of the championship in Kiev has passed this winter.

Shaping Competition 2017

On 12 April 2017 about 70 young girls from FBE, FMF, FL, XTF, FMM, FEL, ITS, FAKS, IPT, FIOT, FSP, VPI, IASA, FBT, IEE, RTF, ZF and TEF tool part in the Shaping Competition according to the KPI Spartakiad program. The main purpose of the competition is promoting sports and healthy lifestyle.