Shaping Competition 2017

On 12 April 2017 about 70 young girls from FBE, FMF, FL, XTF, FMM, FEL, ITS, FAKS, IPT, FIOT, FSP, VPI, IASA, FBT, IEE, RTF, ZF and TEF tool part in the Shaping Competition according to the KPI Spartakiad program. The main purpose of the competition is promoting sports and healthy lifestyle.

The fans fervently supported their sportswomen, applauding to the most spectacular performances. According to the verdict of the jury, the first place went to VPI with 228 points; second - to FMM (76 points), the third - to ITS (61 points), the fourth - to FIOT (55 points), followed by FTI (36 points), FSP (35 points), FL (34.5 points), FBE (30 points) FMF (30 points), FBT (19.5 points), IASA (18 points) FEL (15 points), FAKS (12 points), IEE (12 points), TEF (12 points) XTF ( 6 points), RTF (2 points), ZF (1 point).

Among the brightest students in recitals are S. Lupanenko (IASA) with the first place, N. Denysenko (FBT) with the second place, K. Medvediuk (FAKS) and Y. Spasova (IEE) with the third place.

The results of the team performances (in teams of 2-3 participants) are as following: the first place went to the students of FMM O. Hodiuk and A. Ahapova; the third place went to the students of FMF I. Miziunska and L. Vladyka; the third place with the same number of points went to the teams of FTI (Y. Sauk, K. Rishko, N. Samara) and VPI (Y. Stepko, O. Halileyska).

The winners of the team performances (in teams of of 5-6 participants) are the students of VPI I. Hubenko, M. Drobotovych, V .Panasiuk, O. Rudina, P. Solomka, K. Tomina with the first place; the students of FIOT and FBE D. Reheta, T. Hromova, D. Kulish, Y. Dykach, M. Illienok with the second place; and the students of VPI I. Vashulenko, M. Petryk, D. Topikha, A. Fil, Y. Chykalyuk, O. Prodanchuk with the third place.

Each of the sportswomen diligently worked on their speeches, made every effort to show their creativity and discover their talents. All performances pleased the guests, fans and judges of this event incredibly. The winners of the competition were awarded with diplomas and medals. Each participant was given spring flowers.

We would like to thank the teachers of the Physical Education Department for their help in holding and judging the competition: A. Boiko, N. Havrylova, T. Kozlova, N. Ivaniuta, V. Shyshatska, N. Havrylova, I. Novikova, I. Khimich.

S. Sharafutdinova, T. Kozlova, senior teachers of  the Physical Education Department