Volleyball movement in our university is constantly expanding. Veteran volleyball players are participating in the competitions not only in Ukraine but also abroad. In particular, the series of qualifying games of the championship in Kiev has passed this winter. Teams from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute traditionally won prizes. In the fierce struggle, they won the right to present our university in the Ukraine Volleyball Cup, which is held every summer in Koblevo, Mykolaiv region.

As usual, in March at the sports complex of the University, a bright sporting event was held. It is the volleyball tournament held in memory of the famous scientist and teacher of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute Myhaylo Anatoliyovych Pavlovsky. Before the tournament the sports gala parade was organized. It was opened by the president of the Association of Veteran volleyball players of Ukraine V. T. Ivanov (Olympic champion) and the head of the Kiev branch of Veteran volleyball players of Ukraine T. S. Odyntsova.

Our veteran sportsmen – the oldest of them celebrated their eightieth anniversary – are in good shape, they are training systematically and persistently, working and they are the example for students and pupils. They do not have even a thought to leave the sport. They promote active healthy lifestyles and involve youth into this activity. Here are the capitans of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute teams: I. V. Beyko, M. Prokopchuk, M. Z. Abdulin, and the players: Yu. P. Kovryho, E. S. Stanislavsky, Yu. E. Yarlychenko, V. L. Sharubin, A. O. Novatskyy, V. S. Herasymchuk, O. F. Oberemok, O. A. Leonets, P. A. Mineyev, V. A. Shanyuhin, A. V. Pruskyy, V. N. Kuzmenko, A. I. Mashtepa.

Traditionally a great help in preparing our teams for the competition is received from the university employees union and personally from its chairman V. I. Molchanov and from the director of the sports complex Roman Brahinets.

We appeal to everyone interested: trainings in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute sports complex are held on Mondays and Thursdays from 17:30 to 19:00. Feel free to join us.

M. Z. Abdulin, Associated professor, HPED