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Issue № 11 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2017 year

The network of start-up schools develops in Ukraine: Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Mariupol. Who is the next ?

Колектив КПІ: мережа cтартап-шкіл

Startup School "Sikorsky Challenge" (Vinnitsa) was opened in December 2016 at the Technical University of Vinnitsa, and in February 2017 - Startup School Azov State Technical University (Mariupol).

Discussion of the Egyptian-Ukrainian University establishment prospects

2017.03.29 Discussion of the Egyptian-Ukrainian University establishment prospects

The professor of the University "Ain Shams University" Mahmoud El-Nesr and the CEO of the company "El-Diry International for Training and University Services" came to the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on the 29th of March

National Conference for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation

2017.03.16-17 XIІІ Всеукраїнська науково-практична конференція "Міжнародне науково-технічне співробітництво: принципи, механізми, ефективність"

Since 2005, the Department of International Economics launched a series of conferences "International scientific-technical cooperation", held annually in the KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky in early spring.

Olexander Bondarenko improves welding units

Бондаренко Олександр

In micrometrical tool engineering during manufacturing of electronic components and circuits, in the production of medical instruments, and others, is widely used modern effective technology of contact microwelding, which allows to obtain reliable integral connections of miniature parts.

Commemorating Yevhen Oskarovych Paton

2017.03.21 вечір із циклу культурно-освітніх заходів

One of the evenings of a series of cultural and educational activities that are usually dedicated to outstanding personalities of Ukraine or Poland took place in the Scientific and Technical Library of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikors

At a meeting of the trade union committee: 23.03.2017

Кампус КПІ. 4 корпус, весна

Regular meeting of the trade union committee of the KPI employees was held on March 23, 2017. Representatives of the university administration, deputies of the first vice-chancellor - the head of the teaching and methodical management S.P.

Commemoration of V.P. Yermakov

2017-03-16 Вшанування пам'яті В.П.Єрмакова

March 16, 2017 was the 95-th anniversary of the first head of the department of mathematics in KPI Vasyl Petrovych Yermakov death (1845-1922) . This personality has introduced the tradition of high-level teaching of mathematics at the Kiev Polytechnic institute.

Yermakov Vasyl Petrovych - the first head of the department of mathematics in KPI

Єрмаков Василь Петрович

Honoured professor of Kiev University and corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences V. P. Yermakov was invited to KPI to give lectures in mathematics in 1898. A year after this event at a meeting of the KPI council, the university’s principal V. L.

Meeting with representatives of Guangzhou Nansha District

2017.03.27 Зустріч з представниками району Наньша м. Гуанчжоу

On March 27 a delegation of representatives of authorities and research centers of Nansha – a capital of one of the most economically developed districts of China – Guangdong province visited Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute.

Meeting with representatives of aerospace field of Ukraine

2017.03.24 Зустріч з представниками космічної галузі України

Representatives of aerospace field of Ukraine discussed with Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute management and Defense enterprises association of Ukraine issues of cooperation development and particular cooperation lines on 24 March.

International education exhibition «GRAND-PRIX»

2017.03.16-18 Восьма Міжнародна виставка «Сучасні заклади освіти»

On March 16-18, 2017 there was one of the main events of educational field of Ukraine – Eighth International Exhibition “Modern educational establishments” and Fifth International Exhibition of Abroad Education “World Edu” in Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute signed Memorandum Agreement with “Vega Telecom” company

2017.03.2017 КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського уклав Меморандум з компанією «Vega Telecom»

On March 16 there was Memorandum agreement of cooperation between Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute and “Vega Telecom” company.


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