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Issue № 8 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2016 year

The new cultural season in KPI

Новий культурний сезон у КПІ

A new term has started, and the cultural life of the University is intensifying.

Physical activity is a way to health and success. Useful tips for women

Фізична активність – шлях до здоров'я й успіху. Корисні поради для жінок

We live in a world saturated with information. Every day we get it from various sources and perceive so much new that do not even notice it. So the majority of modern people tend to have a feeling of congestion and fatigue.

International activity of University in 2015 and tasks for 2016. From the report of vice-rectorS.I.Sydorenka on the Academic Council NTUU "KPI" February 8, 2016


International activity of the University in 2015 was carried against the backdrop of events in Ukraine, which negatively affected the number of our international contacts, and to admit students of foreign nationals, and a number of other components of international activities.

KPImaps - your reference point on the territory of KPI

КПІmaps  – твій орієнтир на території КПІ

The second semester is in full swing. The first week passed in a meeting with new subjects and teachers. Now you can learn of something that can facilitate student orientation on campus.

At the meeting of trade union staff: 18.02.2016

Кампус КПІ. Маятник Фуко в бібліотеці

For the first time semester of this conference of trade union of university staff held February 18, 2016 in the hall of the Academic Council. It was heard about financial report by the trade union during 2015 and the budget for 2016 (reporter O. V.

The Prize of Parliament of Ukraine for young scientists from FBT

2016.02.10 Нагороду отримує Катерина Щурська

The prize of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was created for the most talented young scientists in the field of basic and applied research, scientific and technological development established in 2008.

New partners of “Kyiv polytechnic”

2016.03.03 Нові партнери  «Київської політехніки»

In March, 3 in NTUU “KPI” the memorandum of scientific and technical cooperation of Innovative and productive association “Kyiv polytechnic” was signed between Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and government enterprise “Ukroboronprom”, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov.

Congratulations on the jubilee of Kyrychkov Vasyl Mykytovych!

Киричков Василь Микитович

Administration and scientific and technical staff of Polytechnic lyceum of NTUU “KPI” of Kyiv city sincerely congratulates devoted professor, idea man, the founder of Polytechnic lyceum and Scientific and academic complex “New education”, the father of our large community – Kyrychkov Vasyl Mykytovych on His 75 anniversary!

The session of Program Committee of the forum “Lessons from the Chornobyl disaster – nuclear security of the world”

2016.02.24 Засідання Програмного комітету форуму «Уроки Чорнобиля – для ядерної безпеки світу»

The session of Program committee of international forum “Lessons from the Chornobyl disaster – nuclear security of the world” was hold in February, 24 in Presidium of National academy of science of Ukraine.

“European educational initiatives” forum

2016.02.23 Форум «Європейські освітні ініціативи»

“European educational initiatives” forum was hold in February, 23 in NTUU “KPI”. The participants presented the project with the same name and the programs of cooperation development of IT-business with university of Ukraine.


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