At the meeting of trade union staff: 18.02.2016

For the first time semester of this conference of trade union of university staff held February 18, 2016 in the hall of the Academic Council. It was heard about financial report by the trade union during 2015 and the budget for 2016 (reporter O. V. Lytvynenko) considered the question about specifics of the moment (speaker V. I. Molchanov) and about passing of call contracting campaign in university (reporter V. O. Korsakov).

The chief accountant of trade union O. V. Lytvynenko informed about the audit of financial and economic activities of employees of the trade union for 2015 and a perspective plan for revenue and expenses for 2016. An suitable act was considered and approved by the Audit Committee and the discussion unanimously, supported by the trade union. According to trade union bureau of the number of members of trade union organizations departments / institutes and university subdivision an account department of trade union formed accounting estimates revenues and expenditures for 2016, adopted at the current meeting.

On the other issues on the agenda of trade union, chairman V. I. Molchanov informed attended the reception about the legislative initiative of individual deputies on amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Trade Unions", registered in the Parliament under the № 3474. Primarily, innovation relate the student unions, but the authors of the bill are not included inadmissibility any intervention, even legal, in the activities of NGOs. Moreover, these proposals have not support in the trade union organizations, "improvement" activity which they are called. It is essential observations unions and the positions of Committee and Chief of Legal Department, the text of which concluded the need for the proposed changes explained as a legal term like "seems logical." Obviously, the government is essential to destroy the real opposition movement in the country that resists attack on property, labor, social and economic rights of people - trade unions. Given the following government, once again ask the labor collective of NTUU "KPI" unite and put a signature in the signature sheets " Against adoption of the bill № 3474 "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine " On Trade Unions, their rights and guarantees" without the consent of trade unions " .

On the current state of the call contracting campaign reported deputy head of the trade union V. O. Korsakov. Currently, working commission administration and trade union committees worked out the implementation of the Collective Agreement last year. Decisions of academic councils of faculties / institutes by the rules of representation and labor groups to give conferences units. The procedure for nomination and selection of delegates from students should be through direct and secret elections provided the student government of the University.

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