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Issue № 7 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2015 year

Dear women!

Дорогі наші жінки! Сердечно вітаю вас зі святом весни і любові – Днем 8 Березня!

I heartily congratulate you on the holiday of spring and love - Day March 8! It is symbolic that it comes at a time when Mother Nature throws heavy shackles of winter and day light overcomes the darkness.

Shulgina Ludmila Mikhailovna: the calling - to teach and learn

Shulgina Ludmila Mikhailovna

"Whatever you say, but the heredity has the effect. The people will deal with what the soul wants, despite the wish of the parents" - with a smile says Professor FMM Ludmila Shulgina. The story of her life is the proof of these words.

To make decisions carefully


Scientific and educational complex "IASA" is a powerful center of scientific, technical and educational activities in the field of applied system analysis, the latest information technology and computer science.

Shumska Alla Antonovny. Bereginia

Shumska Alla Antonovny

The romantics and lyrics of sixties-romance are still among us. It is due to their efforts, the desire of goodness and justice, honor and dignity, love and creativity our world becomes more harmonious. Their ideas and principles of life already are professed by children and grandchildren.

Women volunteers KPI: help and warm

Колектив КПІ. Зліва направо: К.В. Кириленко, Ю.С. Мірошниченко,О.М. Біляєва, Л.А. Хрокало, Н.А. Білоусова

We regularly inform our readers with the activity of Volunteer Battalion of the KPI. This Battalion aims to help the Ukrainian military - ATO participants. Today, we will speak about the important role played by women - employees of the University in such an important charity work.

Students’ Trade union committee congratulates with the spring holiday

Students’ Trade union committee congratulates with the spring holiday

Students’ Trade union committee of NTUU “KPI” congratulates all students of the University with the spring, femininity and beauty holiday. Each of you is worthy of attention and the best words. There are wonderful girls also in the students’ trade union committee.

Bezugla N.V. To achieve perfection - learn from the best

N.V. Bezugla

Under this motto today's young researchers NTUU "KPI" get their names in the domestic and international scientific environment. Among them there is the assistant of the department of production devices FIDE Natalia V. Bezuglaya.

Young researcher of the IPT

Анастасія Іванова

The freshman FTI Anastasia Ivanova from school was fond of mathematics and physics. In 9th grade she wrote her first scientific study and participated in the National competition of scientific projects Intel ISEF.

Women make the planet cleaner

Колектив КПІ. В.С. Жукова та Л.А. Саблій

The department of environmental biotechnology and bioenergy Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnic (Head - prof. E.V.Kuzminsky) is one of the youngest in the NTUU "KPI".

KPI and humor - always together

Команда НТУУ КПІ Київський Політех

- Mom, Mom! I was shown on TV! – may in future our KPI KVNschiki wil cry their parents in the phone or in the next room.

Fitness in the workplace

Фітнес на робочому місці

The rhythm of modern life leaves the women little of free time for the favorite hobbies. Most of them do not have time for exercise, to maintain the figure in good shape.

Eastern wisdom in Ukrainian

Джебран Халіль Джебран, Автопортрет з Музою, 1911 р.

Recently it was published by "Ukrainian writer" the book "Word of the prophet." This verse paraphrase of poetic and philosophical essays classics of world literature, the Lebanese-American philosopher, essayist, novelist and artist Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931).


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