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Issue № 35 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2015 year

Ukraine Science needs to be protected by law

Київ, Верхована Рада України, зала засідань

Nov. 10, 2015 deputies of Ukraine adopted at the first reading the 2244  law by 290 votes  "Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activities". It is the first step in oder to govern the most popular problems of domestic scientific sphere.

Shybetskyy Vladislav Yuriyovich– An Young Scientist from FBT

Шибецький Владислав Юрійович

Shybetskyy Vladislav Yuriyovich  linked his fate with Kyiv Polytechnic in 2003 when he became a freshman department of Bioengineering and Biotechnics.

The meeting of the trade union staff: 27.10.2015

The regular meeting of the trade union staff NTUU “KPI” took place on October 27, 2015.

Rector's Cup "KPI" chess

2015.10.28-29 Міжуніверситетський  шаховий турнір "Кубок ректора НТУУ "КПІ". Осінь–2015"

28-29 October on the basis of "KPI" occured Intercollegiate Chess Tournament "Cup of Rector" KPI ". Autumn-2015". In the framework of organized 2 tournaments:

- OPEN-tournament, which was attended by 39 players;

How to act in emergency situations

2015.10.27 спеціальне об'єктове тренування цивільного захисту з питань дії органів управління

The occupation of the territory of Ukraine  is the probable escalation of the conflict in the east of the state, worsening of social and political situation, the high level of terrorist and subversive threats in  Kiev determines the necessity for training of civil protection.

Summer Holidays - 2015

Маяк. Етюди Поляна, Поповкіна, студ. 6-го курсу ВПІ

This year's holiday organization of employees and their families for recreation centers engaged Department KPI future development, and improving trade union committee of the University.

Professor Carl Heinrich Grothe was honored with degree of Doctor of Mechanical Engineering Institute of NTUU “KPI”

2015.11.10 Професор Карл Хайнрих Гроте отримав звання Почесного доктора ММІ НТУУ «КПІ»

The dean of Mechanical Engineering faculty of University named after Otto von Guericke in Magdeburg, Carl Heinrich Grothe, one of the honorable scientists became member of the honorable Doctors of faculties and institutes of NTUU “KPI”.

Information Day in terms of EU Program “HORIZON 2020” with specialization in ICT

2015.11.09 Інформаційний день у рамках Програми ЄС «ГОРИЗОНТ 2020»  за напрямом ІКТ

Information day in terms of EU program “HORIZON 2020” with specialization in “Information and communication technologies (ICT) was hold in November, 9 in NTUU “KPI”.

Power supply problems of industrial enterprises discussed at KPI

2015.11.06  форум «Ресурсоефективне та чисте виробництво (РЕЧВ): енергоефективність»

Current problems of power supply of industrial manufacturing were placed for consideration at forum “Resource effectiveness and clean manufacturing: power efficiency (RECM)” that took place at NTUU “KPI” on November, 6th.

Career fair “Job for you – autumn 2015”

2015.11.05 Ярмарок вакансій  «Робота для тебе – осінь 2015»

30 companies and a few thousand of students took park in career fair “A job for you – Autumn 2015”, that was hold in November, 5 in building № 18 NTUU “KPI”.


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