The meeting of the trade union staff: 27.10.2015

The regular meeting of the trade union staff NTUU “KPI” took place on October 27, 2015. The agenda included the following issues: current situation in educational branch; results of health-giving season; the task of trade union to protect socio-economic rights and interests of union members; the preparation to Christmas activities for children of union members.

On the first question Molchanov V.I. the head of trade union informed union members about weak position of the leading agency of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine (FTUU) and the Central Trade Union of Education, which leads to the actual ignoring legimate human rights work for guaranteed government social standards. Hiding behind ATO events government leadership with the tacit support of the FTUU and Central Committee avoid open talks about further steps to ensure the proper level of remuneration. Even after the first increase of salary the first wage grade by 18.8% from 1 September 2015, the level of the gap between rising prices for food, energy and other services, that’s why increasing in more than 200%. Unresolved is the fate of collective labor disputes, which entered the All-Ukrainian Union with Government. Therefore, the trade union of "KPI" and trade union organizations of the educational branch in Kyiv delegated manager KMOPOiNU O.M.Yatsunyu make a decisive displeasure union members and its leadership primary links omissions FTUU and CC.  

Deputy Head of the trade union Sheyko O.I. reported about the results of recreation departments at university in summer 2015 (see P.4)

Bezuhlyy M.O. – deputy head of the trade union – informed about protection measures socio-economic rights and interst of union members.  In particular this applies support of trade union initiatives contained in four petitions to the President of Ukraine;

  1. On the resumption of guarantees under cl. 57 of the Law of Ukraine "On education" about the size of average salaries of teachers (petition №22 / 012,582-ep);
  2. On the resumption of payment sanatorium-resort permit for workers at the expense of social security (petition №22 / 010,961-ep);
  3. On premium for the prestige of the teaching work (petition №22 / 001,583-ep);
  4. On raising the minimum academic and social scholarship to the minimum wage, as recorded in p.6 cl.62 of the Law of Ukraine “On education” from 01.07.2014 (petition №22 / 001,450-ep).

To transmit the relevant petitions to the President it is necessary to support 25,000 people voted online So we ask all employees, students and concerned to support educational petition and to be united in defending own legitimate rights.

Information on the organization of the New Year holidays for workers’ children provided the head of child committee trade union Kozhem’yachenko O.O. During the month trade union receives from departments lists of children for the purchase of Christmas gifts and applications for the New Year’s performances.

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