The results of university competition in 2014 for the best book

Due to results of university competition in 2014 for the best book, monograph, study guide Novikov Aleksey Nikolayevich, Hrayvoronskyy Mykola Vladlenovych were awarded first prize of the textbook "Security of information and communication systems."

Two second prizes were awarded to:

At the Meeting of Academic Council: 02.06.2014

2 червня 2014 р. відбулося чергове засідання Вченої ради НТУУ “КПІ”. Розпочалося воно поздоровленням ювіляра – декана зварювального факультету д.т.н., професора Сергія Костянтиновича Фомічова.

Student at FEPEA Studies Intelligent Systems

A large part of the research conducted at our university associated with the use of mechatronic systems, the combining units with electronic precision mechanics and their electrical components  to ensure the design of new modules and systems with intelligent control.

International Conference at FCT

IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Computer modeling in chemistry, technology and systems for sustainable development, CMCT 2014" dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the opening of the first in Ukraine Department of Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes was held 13-

Modern KPI deserves modern lighting

The priority light sources. Achievements in physics and optoelectronics in the last decade helped to create the light sources with an energy efficiency of 5-10 times greater than incandescent lamps. These solid-state light sources include LEDs.

Ismail Gasprinskiy, the prominent Crimean Tatar enlightener

The name of Ismail-bey Mustafa-oğlu Gasprinskiy (8.03.1851–11.09.1914) became for Crimean Tatars a symbol of revival of Turkism, a sign of changes, rejection of old dogmas and stereotypes. I. Gasprinskiy was one of the most well-known educators and reformers of the late XIX – early XX century. His ideas has influenced the preparation and carrying out reforms in the national school, the development of problems of his home school and creation of the first national textbooks.

Meeting with artists

In these difficult days for our country one of the means of maintaining a positive attitude is a look into the future. We look to the future with the hope of building a state in which each of us will participate. I'd like to on the way forward to success. However, what it means - to be successful?