Meeting with artists

In these difficult days for our country one of the means of maintaining a positive attitude is a look into the future. We look to the future with the hope of building a state in which each of us will participate. I'd like to on the way forward to success. However, what it means - to be successful? How was the fate of successful people, who are called the people-brands? Art awards laureates writer Elena Horn and artist Igor Pike talked about it at the May meeting with graduate students "KPI" and students FSL. Bestseller "People-brands" was presented there. Audience  head from Elena and Igor intriguing life story  of book characters - Harvard, Chanel, Kalashnikov, Macdonald, Lipton, Forbes, Eiffel, etc. We interviewed the writer.

- Ms. Elena, now you are the author and presenter of the master class "People brands." What inspired you to write such a book?

- My story of success as a writer began 17 years ago. It was then that I realized that I had a vocation - writing. And since then, I earn for my living exclusively by "pen." During this period I managed to work in the magazines "Natalie", "Eve", "Personality", was the chief editor of "Life Stories" and then - one of the founders of the journal "Personality." I worked a lot with the biographies of famous people, and it may be that the experience and interest in the subject was inspired to write the book "People brands."

- With extensive experience with biographies of world famous personalities, do you have a "formula for success"? Does it exist at all?

- Of course, there is no unique formula, each story special and almost impossible to find stories with similar components. However, I believe that to achieve success primarily need boundless interest in his case, a certain obsession. This is a key component to success. Another equally important aspect is the desire to make a lot of money by the discovery. I must say that in many cases a great success awaited those who had childhood complexes and some defects, psychological trauma. These people encountered compensatory desire to prove to the world that they are able to reach extraordinary heights. Of course, it happened and so that people from rich families were on heritage brands such as William Boeing (person-plane), but there are few such stories.

- How is the personal life of people-brands? After all, they are usually - hard working people, work and creativity overshadow other values of life?

- Yes, it is no secret that the personal lives of many celebrities is quite dramatic, and private history make  an impact on the professional activity. Unbelievable in this sense the fate of Alfred Nobel. In his youth, his girlfriend cheated on him with a familiar mathematician and Nobel swore to myself that he will be so famous, that she will regret her choice. So, he achieved worldwide fame, but love is not returned. However, in the list of Nobel Prize winners, we do not see any math ...

- When you write a book about people, brands, what story touched you the most?

- I am very impressed with the history of Italian fashion house "Gucci". This mystique and mystery I have not seen in any biography. Divorce, murder, and other miracles that happened to his family and their Gucci brand, delight and amaze. But imagine a time when I wrote the last sentence in the section on them and getting ready to put an end, there was a ring at the door. A visitor was a courier with a parcel from my English friend who decided to send me a gift. And then, when I unpacked the parcel and saw the inscription. Guess what? That "Gucci"! Amazing ...

So, we looked at the success stories of prominent people. It seems that some algorithms for their branding found: the presence of the original idea, complete devotion to her desire to financial freedom. But remember that the price of success is measured not only by money and fame. In the depths of the psychology of successful people often lie images of suffering and difficult life experiences. Knowing this, we may become more moderate in their actions on the road to success. And who knows, maybe in time there will be another bestseller called "People brands. Ukraine!"

E. Olefir, O.Petrakovych students FSL