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Issue № 33 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2013 year

Meeting with first-year students

2013.10.02 Meeting with first-year students

October 2nd 2013 in the center of Culture and art of NTUU “KPI” meeting with administration of KPI and first-year students took place.

International business - forum of science projects commercialization

2013.10.05 International  business - forum of science projects commercialization

October 3-5th 2013 in Riga (Latvia), in the main building of Swedbank was held international project in developing high technologies 7th Riga Commercialization Reactor (“Reactor of Commercialization”), where scientists met with entrepreneurs.

Never Stop at What has been Accomplished

Photo. Anna Martinenko

The undergraduate Anna Martinenko is well-known in Department of Nuclear Power Stations and Engineering Thermal Physics of the Faculty of Heat and Power Egineering.  It is difficult not to remember this spectacular girl.

Mathematicians of Educational-Scientific Complex “Institute for Applied System Analysis” Investigate the Data on Earth

Колектив КПІ. П.О.Касьянов з колегами

It is no secret that the important area of work of NTUU “KPI” is attraction and support of scientific activity of new generation of young scientists.

The University Graduate is on the Frontier of the Science

Випускник КПІ. Єгор Аушев під час проведення експериментів на колайдері Tevatron (Fermilab) в США

Recently two outstanding events in the scientific world took place.  On October 3, 2013 Ukraine reached the agreement on the associated membership with the largest international scientific center that is famous as CERN - the Council of Europe on nuclear researches (Conseil Europeen pour la R

Izdatelstvo Izvestiy KPI's Founding Story

Видання КПІ. Издательство  Известий КПИ

Researchers who research institutions of higher learning usually emphasize new scientific schools and personalia, cultural events, etc. But the educational process is impossible without printed materials.

Security Officers were Honoured

Фото. Кондратюк Вадим Анатолійович

The main task of the State is not only to provide citizens with a wide range of rights and freedoms, but also to create conditions for their proper realization.

Rest in “Mayak”

Колектив КПІ, Відпочинок в Маяку 2013

Every summer hundreds of students of the KPI have a rest on the Black Sea coast in the health complex that is situated in the village of Lazurne in 30 km from Skadovsk.  Lazurne derived its name from unusual change of color of sea water.  Along with Lazurne there is a Dzharylgatska gulf which

Trees for Future Generations

Кампус КПІ, Дуб болотяний – Quercus palustris

Among the oldest and most respected trees of Ukraine there are many oak trees older than 300 years (only 8 of them are older than 1000 years).The legends tell about them.

Ukrainian Festival "Sikorsky Challenge 2013" : Winners are determined!

2013.10.17 Ukrainian Festival "Sikorsky Challenge 2013" : Winners are determined!

On October, 17 in the Hall of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI" the results were drawn up, the winners were awarded and closing ceremony of the Second All-Ukrainian festival of innovation projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2013" was presided .

The Grand-Prize in contest "Layered Defense - 2013"!

2013.09.25-27 The Grand-Prize in contest "Layered Defense - 2013"!

In September, an annual competition in testing of information systems security and Internet Intelligence "Layered defense – 2013" was held which is conducted by training center "Eshalon" within the International exhibition Infosecurity Russia 2013.

At the Session of the Academic Council: 14.10.2013

Кампус КПІ. Маяк зі сторони моря

The main issue of the agenda was final results of carrying out the health-improving season of 2013. The head of trade union committee of employees V. I. Molchanov was the discussion leader.


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