Every summer hundreds of students of the KPI have a rest on the Black Sea coast in the health complex that is situated in the village of Lazurne in 30 km from Skadovsk.  Lazurne derived its name from unusual change of color of sea water.  Along with Lazurne there is a Dzharylgatska gulf which is famous for medical water-inhabiting plants.  Such neighborhood transforms beneficial sea air into medical cocktail:  water and air are oxygenated, enriched with salts of bromine, chlorine and iodine.  It creates good conditions for a relaxation and prevention of respiratory diseases. But recently jellyfishes started to visit coastal waters, and waves throw away the sea grass on shore. However all inconveniences are compensated by the warm and beautiful sea, good mood and hospitality of employees of the health complex.

The holidaymakers live in the 6-storeyed building which is situated 100 meters from the seashore, in rooms can live two or three people.  The building is connected with a dining room on 500 seats by covered way.  There are equipped sports grounds for volleyball games, soccer with all necessary sport goods.  Students live in 4 one-storey houses, which are reconstructed from children's camp, in rooms on four, five or six people.  All conveniences are on the street.  This year some of students managed to settle in double rooms on the top floors of the buildings.

The health complex “Mayak” combines recreation centre and flying prophylactic sanatorium which provides with medical procedures and nourishment.  There are three meals including vegetables, fruit and cultured milk products.  The food is dished out by waitresses.

At the beginning of each arrival (5 arrivals) the meetings for students are conducted. There the director of health complex “Mayak”, the deputy director of work with students, workers of a rescue service, security service, doctors, instructors on sports, cultural-mass work introduce rules of conduct in health complex, rules of conduct on water to holidaymakers and give examples which appeared on the coast.

During each arrival the instructors on cultural-mass work hold various games, competitions, KVN (Club of merry and sharp-witted), Days of the Neptune and other entertainments.  The instructor of fitness and health recreation work holds competitions, sports contests in different kinds of sports.  At the health complex “Mayak” there are also cinema, sports grounds, in dining room there are also tennis tables, billiards and TV.

Last year the health complex “Mayak” visited 1010 students and 650 employees and members of their families, this year 1149 student and 791 employees 791 had a rest there.

I.V.Zenina, Associate professor, vice-dean of sports work of Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
Translator: Попчук Зоріна ЛА-11