Extraordinary tree in STL

Lately, on New Year’s you can see unusual homemade Christmas tree. In particular, in the library is the original tree from books.

Library building

Specialized library building was erected on the initiative of the rector of KPI G. Denisenko author team KNDIEP (Kyiv Research Institute of Experimental Design) in collaboration with the staff of the university.

School-workshop in the library

Range of activities of the Scientific and Technical Library of  G.I.Denisenko NTUU"KPI" is wide enough: information support educational and scientific work of the University, creation its own electronic resources, scientific and bibliographic, humanitarian, educational and cultural-educational wo

[Tuesday - 16:10; Friday - 10:30] Guided sessions in the library

Since November 2014 the Scientific and Technical Library of G.I.Denisenko NTUU "KPI" invites on a guided tour "Wandering Library", during which you can learn the history of one of the oldest university libraries in Ukraine, portrait gallery "Ukrainian in the world" and unique physical experience

Gift to Library

H.I.Denysenko Scientific and Technical Library "KPI" expresses gratitude to Victor Korsun, a deputy executive director of the Ukrainian Science and Technology Center, for donated publication in the amount of 140 copies.

Automated delivery of books in STL

In 1987, Scientific and technical library "KPI" was launched the electronic catalog. In 2012, there were added 65,522 new records for revenues of library collection of books and magazines, which the library received in previous years.

Inauguration of the Jean Foucault bust

September 6, a bust of the world-famous French physicist and astronomer Jean Bernard Leon Foucault (1819 - 1868) was inaugurated in Scientific and Technical Library NTUU "KPI" of G.I.Denisenko.