In the report on the state of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute for 1903. (Report on the state of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute of Emperor Alexander II for 1903 - Kyiv: Printing house S. V. Kulzhenko, 1904) it is mentioned, that Professor V.L. Kyrpychov, together with other professors of the Institute, donated 35 books to the library. Also a metal plate with the inscription is preserved: "Books of Professor V.L.Kyrpychov, donated by him to the library in 1902 from No. 9551 to No. 9850". Therefore - 300 publications. But, unfortunately, only a few publications were found, which, no doubt, belonged to V.L. Kyrpychov.

In the collection of old prints of the fund of rare and valuable editions of STL the French "Course of construction of cars" of H.M. Lanz and A. Betancourt, the 2nd edition is kept (Lanz J. M. de, Bétancourt А. Essai sur la composition des machines. – Paris: Bachelier, Libraire,1819). The Half-title of the book (additional title page placed before the main title) has an autograph: “V. Kyrpychov 1884.", a black stamp of a square shape with an illegible image and a round seal with the inscription "Library of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute of Emperor Alexander II". This book was the world's first course in a new technical science - the theory of mechanisms and machines (TMM). The second edition contained 184 pages, 13 appendices-drawings of various mechanisms and a classification table of elementary machines. The authors of the book are Jose Maria de Lanz (1764-1839), a Spanish mathematician, mechanic, and Augustine de Betancourt (1758-1824), a Spanish and Russian engineer and founder of the State Transport University in St. Petersburg.

In addition, the STL stores publications donated to V.L. Kyrpychov by the authors, with the appropriate gift inscriptions.

Among them is the brochure "Overview of the development of the dyeing art and the industrial significance of artificial pigments: Speech by prof. N.P. Illyin at the act of the 50th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Practical Technological Institute 1878, November 29”.  (St,Petersburg Print. house Emp. Academy of sciences, 1879. - 56 p.). Author Ilyin Mykola Pavlovych (1832-1892) - Russian chemist, professor of chemical technology department and director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, a member of the commission on the organization of the Institute of Technology in Kharkiv. Gift inscription: "To Victor Lvovych Kyrpychov from N.Illyin".

There is also a publication "Mining map of the Donetsk basin" / comp. A. F. Mevius. (Kharkiv: Print. house Zilberberg, 1894.  - 1 map) with inscription: “To highly respected sir V.L. Kyrpychov from A.Mevius)".  Apollon Fedorovych Mevius (1820-1898) - mining engineer, one of the founders of the metallurgical industry of Ukraine, founder and professor of the first in Ukraine Department of Metallurgy at the Kharkiv Institute of Technology. He wrote more than 100 scientific papers, including "The Future of Mining in the South of Russia" (1867) and "Training Course in Cast Iron, Iron and Steel" (1894).

Another publication with gift inscription - Ginzberg A. S. "On the transition products of pinene in a number of monocyclic compounds and on the Sobrero reaction" (St. Petersburg: Print. house V. Demakov, 1897. - 81 p.). Gift inscription: "To His Excellency Dear Viktor Lvovych Kyrpychov from the author".

Ginzberg Olexandr Semenovych (1870-1937) - Russian chemist, professor at the St. Petersburg Women's Medical Institute; private associate professor of the Military Medical Academy; first director of the Petrograd Institute of Chemical and Pharmaceuticals; taught at Leningrad University at the Faculty of Medicine and headed the Department of Pharmacognosy. The presented work is a dissertation for the title of Master of Pharmacy.

Employees of the Department of Rare and Valuable Documents in 2010 began searching for old publications in the main fund of STL. And their work continues. We hope to find other books, that belonged to V.L. Kyrpychov.

Maryna Miroshnychenko, Head department of rare and valuable documents of STL

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Марина Мірошниченко, зав. відділу рідкісних і цінних документів НТБ