The main subject of the Collection publications is the publishing and printing industry issues.

The main scientific directions of the collection of scientific works

Technical sciences: technological processes of production of printed and electronic editions and packings; multimedia information products, combined editions, visual information and other types of publishing and printing products; processing, registration, formation, reproduction, storage of text, graphic, audio, video and other multimedia information; application of publishing and printing hardware and software; production and distribution of publishing and printing products; prepress, printing, postpress and processing production processes; printing materials science; software and hardware for computer modeling of the structure, construction and design of printed and electronic publications, packaging, multimedia information products and other types of publishing and printing products; metrological support, standardization, directions of quality assurance of production and technologies; printing engineering and equipment operation.

Media management and administration in the publishing and printing industry: macroeconomics; microeconomics; economics and finance of the enterprise; marketing; operational management; logistics; information and communication technologies in the media business; event management in the media business; project management.

Journalism: publishing and editing; editorial analysis; editorial preparation of various types of publications; text science and editing methods; publishing business communications.

Social communications: information content; media product; development of advertising and PR products (texts, printing, audio / TV commercials); advertising marketing and management; media advertising and outdoor advertising; branding; psychology and psychotechnology of advertising; organization of book fairs; sociology of advertising and PR activities.

Fine arts: information and communication technologies in graphics and graphic design; typography and architecture of publications; artistic and technical design and artistic and design of publications; composition of font design of external and internal design elements of books and other printed products; graphic techniques and digital graphic editors; technology and technique of academic drawing and painting.

The philosophy of the collection of scientific works ‘Technology and Technique of Typography’ is the possibility of exchanging scientific achievements, research methodology and practical achievements, as well as providing an information field for discussion of new hypotheses, theories, research at the intersection of scientific disciplines.

Collection of scientific works ‘Technology and Technique of Typography’ — a non-profit publication PPI Igor Sikorsky KPI, is guided by the openness of research, and also promotes the establishment of creative links between research and production teams, attracting scientists from various fields to work together to address pressing issues of publishing, printing, packaging and related industries.