Cultural Arts Center

KPI march

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of our university, the creative teams of the CCM performed the Ukrainian version of the "KPI March" in the edition of the group of veterans of the Choir Chapel in 2017.

Colorful play of beaded placers

Despite the war, artistic life at the university continues - an exhibition of works in the genre of decorative and applied art "The Beauty of Spiritual Unity" ("Donbas Wreckage") was held in the Grigory Sinytsia KPI Art Gallery.

Reconstruction on Znannia Square

Renovation work has begun on the facade of the KPI Center for Culture and Arts. It is planned to repair the emergency section of the building's facade, which is decorated with travertine. The tiles had peeled off and threatened the safety of visitors to the CCA.

Charity concert on Mother's Day

On May 14, the Center for Culture and Arts of KPI hosted a charity concert dedicated to Mother's Day by the Folk Dance Ensemble "Polytechnic" and the wards of this group - young artists from the children's studio "Postolyata".

The song will be among us!

Music is a special part of the cultural code of the Ukrainian people. We have the opportunity to remember this during traditional holidays. "Ukrainian Song 2023" was the title of a musical evening that took place recently.