Sometimes an image means more than text

The most prestigious awards in the field of journalism - the Pulitzer Prize and the World Press Photo Award - were given to KPI graduate 2010 photographer Yevhen Malolietka for his photos from Mariupol.

Tempei Nakamura's musical palette

It has been proven that among the many factors that influence the psychological state of a modern person, music is one of the leading ones.

Colorful play of beaded placers

Despite the war, artistic life at the university continues - an exhibition of works in the genre of decorative and applied art "The Beauty of Spiritual Unity" ("Donbas Wreckage") was held in the Grigory Sinytsia KPI Art Gallery.

Charity concert on Mother's Day

On May 14, the Center for Culture and Arts of KPI hosted a charity concert dedicated to Mother's Day by the Folk Dance Ensemble "Polytechnic" and the wards of this group - young artists from the children's studio "Postolyata".

The song will be among us!

Music is a special part of the cultural code of the Ukrainian people. We have the opportunity to remember this during traditional holidays. "Ukrainian Song 2023" was the title of a musical evening that took place recently.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Rocks

A two-day rock festival organized by the "Rock it" Music Workshop took place at the Student Consolidation Center.

About 30 bands from the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute performed on stage in front of the audience two days in a row.

Executed Kobzar

After Borodyanka, the town in Kyiv region, was liberated from the rashists’ occupation, the damaged monument to Taras Shevchenko was seen among other destructions. The bronze bust of the Great Ukrainian was shot by the russian horde like a human.