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Educational TV studio: Educational films on Chemistry

Таланти КПІ 2009. Дощ. Лебедєва О.О., ФМФ, кафедра НГІКГ

The film tells about structure and properties of crystals. The characteristics of different types of crystalline grids are described. The film shows the imperfect crystals configuration and their deformation. Finally, the peculiarities of usage of pure crystals and their flaws are observed.

In the laboratories of scientists. Inorganic chemists – energetics

В лабораторіях вчених. Хіміки-неорганіки – енергетиці

It has been almost 20 years since one of the greatest developments of the late twentieth century was commercialized by the company Sony – it is the lithium-ion accumulator (LIA).

May 27 – Chemist’s day: Chemistry has no borders

27 травня – день хіміка

D.I.Mendeleev was right, when he said that “chemistry holds out its hands far away”.

Bodnar Alla Hrygorivna – the founder of the Cybernetics of chemical technology processes Department

Фото. Бондар Алла Григорiвна

The founder of the Cybernetics of chemical technology processes department, Professor Alla Hrygorivna Bodnar, departed from this life 25 years ago.

Is the chemistry necessary for the power engineer?

Нужна ли химия инженеру-энергетику?

The world around is the world of chemicals and their constants to transformations. The majority of processes on the earth are chemical or are followed by chemical processes. It is possible to tell that our Earth - ​​ is the huge chemical reactor which doesn't stop for a minute.

Periodic Table of Elements ... at home

Перiодична система хiмiчних елементiв... у нас в руках

Up to the XIII century, people knew only nine chemical elements: seven metals - gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, lead and mercury, as well as two non-metals - sulfur and carbon.



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