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Caution – measles!

Caution –  measles!

Measles is acute disease with high level of contagiousness (up to 100 %).

Микита Савченко, студент 6-го курсу ТЕФ: "Завжди прагну створювати щось нове і незвичайне"

Микита Савченко під час презентації  проекту в  головному офісі InterSystems США

Mykyta Savchenko, student of the 6th year of Faculty of heat power engineering (TEF): "I always aspire to create something new and unusual"

Medical advice. Influenza and its prevention

Грип та його профілактика: поради лікаря

Influenza is defined as an acute respiratory viral disease with the drop mechanism of transmission, which is characterized by acute onset, mainly affecting the upper respiratory tract and general intoxication.

Recommendations "for all occasions" leading specialist in online marketing in the US Neil Patel

провідний спеціаліст інтернет-маркетингу в США Ніл Патель

When the Nile Patel was 21, Wall Street Journal named him one of the main experts on the Internet and Entrepreneur magazine named Neil one of the best employers in the country. Besides that, the Nile Patel was awarded the diploma of the House of Representatives for its social and educational activities.

Take Care Of Your Health Since Youth

Image. Яку їжу і в якій кількості слід вживати

Physicians sound alarm: the majority of schools leavers have deviations in health. Therefore at the university when young people become more senior and are more responsible, it is necessary to listen attentively to yourself and to make efforts for organism maintenance in work capacity.

How to prevent flu and ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection). Doctor’s suggestions


With onset of the cold season the amount of ARVI, which takes the first place in structure of contagious diseases, is dramatically increase. Herewith the cases of flu happen in only 12-15%. In the epidemic season in short time period (4-6 weeks) 70-85% of population catches these diseases.

The Formula of security. If you have gas in the apartment ...

Якщо у вас в  квартирі газ…

The greatest numbers of accidents during the usage of gas at home happens because of the unauthorized equipment powering or the repair of gas appliances, the installation of additional gas appliances in violation of safety requirements, the setting of compulsory exhaust systems in kitchens and

System Nikolai Amosov "1000 movement"

Система Миколи Амосова  "1000 рухів"

December 12, 2002 An outstanding Ukrainian heart surgeon, scientist, writer, academician of the USSR and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Amosov died.

Be careful. Security formula

Будьте обачними та обережними. Формула безпеки

Believes that there are still more good people on earth than bad. But sometimes we think differently, because evil people are often more visible and aggressive than their antipodes .



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