Know to Live: a Life-Saving Siren

Probably no one would like the shrill sounds of an air alert. But this sad howl has already saved thousands of lives of Ukrainian citizens. At the same time, the siren is just one of the elements in the country's alerting service.

Emergency procedures

An electric siren (campus building 1) and loudspeakers along the street Politehnichna and Square of Knowledge generate the acoustic warning signal on the campus.

Medical advice. Influenza and its prevention

Influenza is defined as an acute respiratory viral disease with the drop mechanism of transmission, which is characterized by acute onset, mainly affecting the upper respiratory tract and general intoxication.

Take Care Of Your Health Since Youth

Physicians sound alarm: the majority of schools leavers have deviations in health. Therefore at the university when young people become more senior and are more responsible, it is necessary to listen attentively to yourself and to make efforts for organism maintenance in work capacity.

Be Careful on Water!

Summer is the time for having rest. Lake, river and sea promise us luck and relief. Meanwhile, it is important to remember that water can be the source not only of enjoyment, but of danger. That is why you should be careful, attentive and sober on water.

The Formula of security. If you have gas in the apartment ...

The greatest numbers of accidents during the usage of gas at home happens because of the unauthorized equipment powering or the repair of gas appliances, the installation of additional gas appliances in violation of safety requirements, the setting of compulsory exhaust systems in kitchens and

System Nikolai Amosov "1000 movement"

December 12, 2002 An outstanding Ukrainian heart surgeon, scientist, writer, academician of the USSR and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Amosov died.