Recommendations "for all occasions" leading specialist in online marketing in the US Neil Patel

Neil Patel - one of the leading specialists of Internet Marketing in San Francisco. He cooperated with big companies such as Amazon, AOL, GM, HP, Viacom and others.

When the Nile Patel was 21, Wall Street Journal named him one of the main experts on the Internet and Entrepreneur magazine named Neil one of the best employers in the country. Besides that, the Nile Patel was awarded the diploma of the House of Representatives for its social and educational activities.

On the website he gave for readers some tips, how to avoid mistakes in the organization and conduct of business. Many suggestions concerned only specific SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but many tips can be applied to any business. This sample from 23 tips we offer to your attention.

1. Always do a good job. This is the only rule in my life, which I follow. Because of this I have a wonderful opportunity. Do a good job - and it will help you, just try - and see.

2. Create an "army". Pick a team of like-minded, even if they are not as professional as we would like. Our first employee was a Single Grain Ross Hudgens, now it is one of the most renowned experts in their field.

3. Breathe fresh air. So much is happening in the IT industry is that sometimes you just need to relax. Take a vacation. Do not forget that there is a world outside the computer.

4. The rest - the best time for new ideas. The best ideas come when you do not think about work. If you feel stuck in routine, take time off and relax with friends or to get some sleep.

5. Networking - is important only in the first five years. Sit back office. To achieve something in life, you have to meet the right people, get a good position and focus on what experts say. Success will come with time. In fact, I can identify the main achievements in their careers, depending on the people I met during the first five years in SEO.

6. You have to share their knowledge. If you are an expert on some issues, tell what you do (heck, most of the time when I am sharing knowledge on the blog, people do not even react to it). Giving people knowledge - good karma, do it and success will come.

7. Teach many people as possible. It is difficult to predict when the people you learned will benefit the business in terms of customer acquisition. But it happens regularly.

8. There is a difference between marketing, advertising and branding. If you do not know difference between these areas, but have strategies for every aspect of your business, you lose a lot.

9. There will always be ups and downs. Do not take your success as a matter of course and do not let your failures make you seem.

10. Always seek stability. This applies to position websites and increasing revenues, and everything else in life.

11. Place of employment matters. Living in a city like San Francisco (SEO industry concentration is special) continuously motivates and inspires me at the end of each day.

12. The risk! Do not be afraid to take risks in those moments when you need to, but do not let yourself do it constantly.

13. Do not be afraid to speak out on someone's address. Not necessarily to break relations with someone forever, but do not be afraid to rock the boat.

14. You will have to honor. If you are dealing with investors or customers, keep in mind that your life and happiness is often in the hands of these people. You have to please them.

15. Think big. Always remember this, because it is - the main key to getting more profits and earning big money.

16. Always have a strategy. The world has enough temptations and problems that will always be distracting.

17. Use mobile applications. Nowadays, there are programs to solve any problems. Regardless, it is connected with life, SEO or just finding.

18. Lawyers - stuff. Whether they are on your side or not - they need money very much, avoid them if possible.

19. Empty without hesitation. Poor workers hurt your business more than you lose if free up insolvent.

20. Not to adjust to the social networks - just be yourself. No need to try to look natural, just be natural.

21. Just do it immediately!

22. Not only guided for money. If you start a business, do not do it just for the money. And, if you start to build SEO-company, you can do it almost without money.

23. Read books. Fiction, science, whatever. Reading helps improve your author skills and gives many ideas.